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Official categorized as an indica-dominant hybrid, the Sunset Sherbet strain has a ratio of 85% indica to 15% sativa. The level of THC in the majority of Sunset Sherbet strains comes in at around 15%-19%. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a strong and potent high which lasts for hours.

Be aware that the Sherbet strain tends to have a lower yield – you can usually expect about 8oz per square meter if you’re growing indoors or 11oz per plant if you’re growing outdoors.
Rarely, some users report mild anxiety or paranoia during their use of orange sherbet weed, however it’s fairly unlikely to occur. Headaches are another occasionally reported side-effect, but they too are rare. For most users, dry eyes and cotton mouth are really the only two issues to be concerned about.

Both medicinal and recreational users will be pleased to learn that there are only minimal negative side-effects reported when using the Sunset Sherbet strain. Dry eyes and mouth are the most commonly reported problems. Both of these are manageable. Drinking lots of water before, during and after using and keeping moisturizing eye drops to hand can resolve both of these minor problems rapidly.
The Sherbet strain is ideal for cultivation novices since it is very low maintenance. Resistant naturally to many common mildews and mold, orange sherbet weed produces great results even for beginner growers. If you’re an experienced cultivator, Sunset Sherbet strain is an excellent addition to bring more variety to your grow.
When growing this strain, it’s advised to top the plants by trimming any of the broad fan leaves which could prevent air and light from getting to the lower-growing nodes. If you’re keen to bring out this strain’s purple potential, you should make sure to expose your plants to colder night temperatures shortly before they flower.
Sometimes called Sunset Sherbert, Orange Sherbet or simply Sherbet, this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its potent effect. Cultivated by Mr. Sherbinski, this strain is descended from the famous Girl Scout Cookies lineage, a strain which itself comes from an impressive line of Durban Poison, Cherry Pie and OG Kush. Thanks to its cross with the Pink Panties indica strain, this hybrid exhibits a full body effect with just enough of a hit of cerebral energy. Intoxicating and sweet, this strain has a flavor profile and effects which perfectly match its name.
In appearance, this strain features classic marijuana buds, although, as you might guess from its name, it has some sunset shades too. Its sugar leaves can be neon green, yellow or rusty brown, while the pistils are bright orange and the crystalline trichomes make its nugs glisten under the light. With a medium height, Sunset Sherbet has bushy, thick stems which feature dense flowers.

You’ll need to grow the Sherbet strain in a Mediterranean-style, warm and shaded climate which should have daytime temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very simple for indoor growers to maintain, although monitoring humidity levels is vital. Orange sherbet strain is best grown in soil rather than using hydroponics, and it has a flowering period of about eight weeks. If you’re growing outdoors, harvesting will usually fall in late September or early October.

Sunset Sherbet Strain Snapshot Strain Name Sunset Sherbet Strain Other Common Names Orange Sherbet, Sherbet Weed THC Content 15% – 19% CBD Content 0.0% – 0.05% Origin / Lineage Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties Type Hybrid Genetics 85% Indica, 15% Sativa Aroma & Flavor Sherbet, Fruity, Berry, Sweet, Orange, Lemon

Since Sunset Sherbert is best known for how it smells and tastes, we’d recommend smoking or vaping this strain out of clean glassware. Rolling papers, blunt wraps, and resin-caked smoking accoutrements will detract from the tasting-room experience. Matches, butane lighters, and even hemp wicks may also alter Sunset Sherbert’s flavor. To guarantee you’re tasting only Sunset Sherbert, consider solar puffing a bowl with a magnifying glass or Fresnel lens.

Most self-reports online for Sunset Sherbert describe its heady effects as a chill balance between body relaxation and mental alertness. Its typical THC levels hover around 18 percent, which puts it in the “average” category when it comes to potency. However, THC levels can be influenced by how the bud was grown, how it was packaged and stored, and what part of the plant the buds were pulled from. Plus, a strain with 18 percent THC will still get you ripped.
What Makes Sunset Sherbert So… Sherberty?

Yet another rock star strain descended from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Sherbinskis’ Sunset Sherbert lives up to its velvety namesake.
Yet another rock star strain descended from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Sherbinskis’ Sunset Sherbert lives up to its velvety namesake.
What Does Sunset Sherbert’s High Feel Like?
Caryophyllene, which is found in black peppers and carrots, has spicy qualities. Limonene, found in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges, provides the sweetness and floral fragrances. And humulene, also found in hops, hits the senses like walking into dense woodland right after a warm rain.
Reviews online describe Sunset Sherbert’s smoke as tasting like anything from spiced honey to berry-filled yogurt. This unique flavor profile is likely due to the terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene, the strain’s three most prominent terpenes, according to Leafly‘s lab data.

What happens when “Girl Scout Cookies” gets crossed with “Pink Panties?” No, you don’t get a punchline to a dirty joke. You get Sunset Sherbert, a craft weed strain that’s always in high demand due to its frostiness and its peppery, berryish bouquet.

Yet another rock star strain descended from GSC, Sherbinskis’ Sunset Sherbert lives up to its velvety namesake.