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sensi seeds skunk 1

Sensi seeds skunk 1

The buds weighed in at 59 and 72 grams which Ellis D. regarded as a magnificent result:

“Skunk” is frequently used as a nickname for extremely strong cannabis. It’s a testament to the strength and quality of Skunk #1®.
German master grower, Ellis D, conducted an indoor test grow with Skunk #1 Automatic, striving to find out how close it would come to the original Skunk #1 in terms of quality. He germinated two seeds for that purpose, and they shot out of the ground like rockets after about two and a half days.

One week later, they put the pedal to the metal, shifting their flower production into high gear. Whilst producing astoundingly vast amounts of flower clusters, the plants kept on stretching significantly. When stem elongation had come to an end after about three weeks into flowering, one of the plants had revealed a more open and expansive branching pattern than the other.
Skunk #1, bred from 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold and 50% Colombian Gold, was one of the first true-breeding varieties. As such, it evolved into the plant most frequently used for creating new cannabis varieties worldwide.
Skunk #1® tastes like skunk. Surprise, surprise! But even more than that, Skunk #1® tastes like the ultimate old-school skunk. The potent smell is instantly reminiscent of the characteristic skunk taste, so much so that the buds give away their potency before they have even been tasted.
The plant that started to flower a bit earlier also finished sooner. After 65 days, Ellis D. could pull out the scissors for harvesting. Having grown to a total height of 68 cm, it produced a massive central cola and lots of lovely side tops. The side tops of the bushier plant were as big, bushy, and fat as the central cola they were surrounding – a spectacular view. This plant arrived at a height of 61 cm and was fully ripe after 69 days.
This legendary strain, bred during the late 1960s and early 1970s in California, was the force behind the birth of modern cannabis cultivation under artificial light and in greenhouses, fuelling the Dutch coffeeshop and grow business that started to boom in the mid-1980s.

But Ellis D. still considered it to be nicely compact and easily manageable. He was deeply impressed by the ‘high-octane’ flower development of Skunk #1 Automatic:

In this cannabis strain story, we share all the strain information on the legendary Skunk #1. We also share a full grow report on Skunk #1 Automatic.