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semi cannabis autofiorenti

Title : Terrible experience
Comment : Seeds do not grow, I bought 5 seeds and only one grew, thinking I may of just had bad luck I foolishly purchased some more and guess what? none of the seed grew, they germinate but that’s all, I’ve tried various ways of growing them, and as ALL of my other seeds I got from different seed banks grew perfectly I know its not my fault. I would NEVER recommend Royal Queen Seeds to anyone.

I contenuti di sono adatti solo ad un’utenza adulta e nel rispetto delle leggi locali.
Title : for C. M
Comment : buddy,,i just finish my automatic ak ..i had 4 ak 1 amnesia haze auto..the last ones i collct was the made me 100g dry..another 80g dry..third one made me 70 g dry . and last ak made me just 30 because i toke it when was only 8 weeks from seed soo..the other ones took like 10,11 weeks but woth it. aa and the amnesia was something like 40 g dry because i has thisty and i cut it to 8,9 week. so. i am so fuckin happy with my results..and by the way was the first time when i grow autos. royal queen seeds ar the shit.

Title : Yes!
Comment : I can’t say a lot yet; I’ve planted the seedlings a week ago but they seem to be doing fine and are healthy. All seeds came up which was a great relief. There was one one seed that didn’t show but that was one of the three Northern light I got for free with my order. can’t complain about that;-) So far so good, thanks!
Title : superb
Comment : good quality buds.
Title : Impatient de goûter à ça !
Comment : Les 5 variétés me donnent déjà l’eau à la bouche, vivement la récolte !
Title : Great selection
Comment : High quality, fast shipping and great price. All popped up with great results under LED

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