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sementes de maconha

Sementes de maconha

Os autoflores são o resultado de extensos cruzamentos com os genes canabis ruderalis. Eles vão efetivamente pular a maior parte do estágio vegetativo e florescer sem a necessidade de um rigoroso regime de iluminação. As sementes de maconha autoflorescentes do Nirvana são adequadas tanto para o cultivo interno como para o externo e, como todas elas são feminizadas, não haverá necessidade de cortar plantas masculinas.

Rendimento Médio: 500 – 600 g/m² em SOG
Período de floração: 7 – 9 semanas
Dificuldade: Médio
You cannot go wrong

purchased several kinds over the past…
Placed my order on April 5th and…
We buy our seeds here every year and could not be happier!! Our success rate is perfect, with the exception of one seed and it was probably my own fault on germinating it that it failed!! Our yields are stellar. Have tried several strains!! Great company, great people to work with?.
Rendimento Médio: 500 – 600 g/m² em SOG
Período de floração: 8 – 10 semanas
Dificuldade: Snadný
We buy our seeds here every year and…

Every order ships promptly and gets to the USA very quick every time and very discreet packaging so not 1 problem reaching me ever! Excellent customer service!

Nirvana® oferece sementes de qualidade Maconha diretamente da fonte! Comprar sementes de maconha com melhor genética! Discreto transporte mundial

The Final Frontier… Space Cookies is a hybrid that orbits on a cloud of sweetness with the booster power to blast you to the stars. This plant brings lavish riches and you won’t have to wait very long to share the reward thanks to a quick finish.

The unique elements of this superior hybrid bring relaxation and uplifting qualities that medical users will find most helpful for conditions of pain and depression.
Space Cookies is a powerful, but harmonious hybrid. It combines the relaxed euphoria and distinctive flavor of GSC, a modern American classic, with an injection of afghan genetics added to the mix.

Experienced cultivators will appreciate the uniformity of this plant and the clusters of tight and resinous buds formed throughout its side branches. Initial bushy growth is followed by moderate stretching and this is a cannabis variety that will respond particularly well to training.
The stable genetics of Space Cookies make this plant a superb addition to any indoor grow room setup. She is a medium sized plant that will grow without much encouragement and is relatively easy to manage which is good news for those new to growing.
This girl scout also comes dressed in bling, in the form of the diamond nuggets that hang from her branches and exude a reassuringly pungent perfume. Taste is a big factor, characterized by sweet and pine tones that layer the palate. But strength also oozes through this plant, thanks to its lineage, and intense relaxation soon follows, accompanied by a sense of everlasting happiness.
This variety is a delicious melting pot of legendary land races from India, Africa and South America. The result is a balanced blend of indica and sativa that announces itself with a happy smile and a long lasting uplifting feel.
Grown outdoors, Space Cookies is graceful but practical too. She naturally loves the sun of southern and Mediterranean regions but comes with good mold and pest resistance qualities – a fine coat that protects her from the less friendly climate in northern regions (sometimes displaying a flash of purple when conditions are cooler).

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A high performance hybrid that combines the classic taste of GSC, empowered with legendary genetics to add potency and robust performance.