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seeds seized by customs

Seeds seized by customs

Just think of all the meth they could stop if not wasting their time on weed

Has there been a drastic improvement in detection methods in the past 12 months or are Kiwis ordering more than ever which would account for the increase. The Seven Sharp piece last night almost seemed like a desperate attempt to dissuade people, at the end of the piece in a serious voice dude says that importing seeds is punishable by 8 years in prison.
Chances are, customs don’t even check most of the packages, not enough time/people/money to do so.

On a side note, the companies featured will probably have increased sales.
To be fair this is customs not police. Too very seperate entities and they do stop meth from coming into the country at a good rate. If you want to talk about wasted resources, the drug raids on weed farms is time and money that police could use on stopping meth.
Although scary, police can’t obtain a warrant just from a package alone, there’s no proof you ordered it.
Extremely unlikely they’d follow up on a small package of seeds, they don’t have the resources to search tens of thousands of people ordering $40 worth of seeds.
-don’t buy from the companies featured. Avoid ordering from the Netherlands.

You won’t be getting “up to 8 years”, the absolute worst you can get is someone knocking on your door asking you about it. Unless your house reeks of weed or you have plants growing in your front yard, all you have to do is deny/don’t answer.


Now what you should know is I’m a total newbie to the grow and am greener than a plant with too much nitrogen. I did a lot of reading but apparently didn’t understand some of it. On my first order, I paid for regular shipping. not stealth. However, when I received my seeds it was indeed disguised by a DVD so it was sent stealth, but by their mistake. again, I didn’t pay extra. So, just thinking this was the norm, I didn’t pay for stealth on my second order. After week two, from the ship date, I started to wonder what happens if Johnny Law got a hold of them.

So, it’s going on greater than 3 weeks from the ship date and I am now awaiting my “Bad girl” letter from customs. I have only grown one little dwarf plant and am getting ready to harvest (yay!) in the next couple of days. The consensus on most threads I’ve read about similar situations is:
Well, after much reading, it would appear that I’m an idiot for not originally understanding what stealth shipping is. I thought it was just added protection for the seeds themselves to ensure that they’re not damaged through transit. I didn’t know it was to keep your ass out of trouble.

So, here’s the deal: I ordered 3 seeds from Royal Queen Seeds early January, which was my second order, and received an email notice that they were sent out on January 13th. They are going to the southeast US and have yet to arrive. I worry because my first order (November), from the time I dropped my payment in the mail to the time I received my order was 2 weeks- 2 weeks! Super fast.
Hello AFN peeps-
Some who read this may think I’m being a bit paranoid and, they may be right, but I will always err on the side of safety. I’m going to harvest my beautiful little lady regardless but I am now hesitant to move forward with another grow right now. especially if I can’t find an alternate way to get seeds.

  • Don’t send seeds to the grow site
  • Consider ditching the grow once you receive the naughty letter

The jury seems to be out on whether or not customs informs your local law enforcement agency. Some say they don’t (how would they know?) and some say they might (hence ditching the grow if you end up on local radar).
Any help with my dilemma would be most welcome.

THIS IS WHERE I NEED ADVICE: 80-90% of threads state to have seeds sent to an alternate address but how do you do that if you don’t have anyone to receive it for you? I don’t have one person I would feel comfortable asking if I could send seeds to their home.

Hello AFN peeps- So, here's the deal: I ordered 3 seeds from Royal Queen Seeds early January, which was my second order, and received an email notice that…