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seeds of india review

Seeds of india review

A Horticultural Journey

Between April and November we have nursery fresh plants for popular plants. Some of them are grown for their fragrant flowers. Others have culinary uses. We can ship them only within the United States of America.
We appreciate your kind patience.

Between May 3rd, 2020 and May 13th, 2020.
Selected to succeed in North America, Europe and worldwide!
Seeds for Vegetables, flowers and herbs found in the Indian Subcontinent
Starter plants essential for every Indian home garden. From curry leaf to a wide variety of Jasmines.
We are working diligently to fulfill all previously placed orders.

We ship our seeds worldwide and our seeds and live plants to anywhere within the USA. We use USPS and provide free tracking.

Your source for seeds for vegetables, herbs and flowers from the Indian subcontinent!