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seeds of change reviews

I hope SoC does better in the future and develops a better mode of communication with their customers.

Of all times to respond, someone finally told me that they have just shipped (again). They should be here Monday; having been put in the mail yesterday. I don’t appreciate being told that they had shipped when they hadn’t. I learned, too, that the company contact is in Minnesota, not California; because I asked.
I was then told that other asparagus crowns were available. I asked, since it’s late in the year and because of this fiasco, if he could send a small amount at no charge so that we could try to establish them for next year.

Two weeks after I’d canceled in disgust, SOC nevertheless charged my credit card. When I emailed to repeat my request –“Please cancel this order in its entirety and remove all pending charges to my account”–I received a form-like response in which they explained that they couldn’t cancel my order with their grower! Days later, the charge had disappeared from my bank records. Two weeks later, it reappeared and was processed by my bank!
I placed an order on March 7th for a variety of products including asparagus crowns and strawberries and never received them. I was told multiple times via email that they were at the warehouse/drop shipper/on-their-way and the never showed up. I was finally told on June 12th that they were gone and I would not be receiving any.
After ordering online I called on 2/16/09 to cancel my orders of seeds and two varieties of potatoes. I did so because I had horrible customer service with these orders–incorrect shipping charges, no order confirmation with corrected charges, no response to email inquiries, several unhelpful calls to customer service, no updates on internal changes made to my order, seeds not shipped expediently (eight days after ordering at time of cancellation). The customer service rep, Joe, assured me that he had canceled my orders entirely. Meanwhile, I ordered organic potatoes from another company (for $15 less than what SOC charged in total).
During that time, Seeds of change did reply to my email, informing me that part of my order was shipping directly from the manufacturer. The stuff arrived as promised not long after.
I had wanted one each of the bush size marigold seeds they carry (and no one else did) but talked myself out of it for a few years–seemed a bit pricey and shipping wasn’t the least expensive I’d seen. Decided to go ahead and “splurge” on my marigolds and was pleased to receive them today.

Phone: 1-888-762-7333
Fax: (505) 438-4571

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