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seed storage containers for sale

These seeds have a lot going for them and just a quick look at the label will tell you that. There’s everything that I want to see in seeds that will eventually provide food for my family. Purchasing heirloom seeds of this nature will do just that. If you’re going to garden and care for the quality of foods you will be putting on the table, these seeds are worth investing in.
Two seasons ago, I had been searching for a product whose purpose is the same as this one. Couldn’t find it in big box stores or anywhere else I looked on the net. I finally caved and bought it.
I used a Sharpie to label my compartments. This has worked good except for vegetables I don’t plan to grow any more, which are very few. In these cases I crossed out the old label and wrote in a new one. Obviously you could use stickers, pieces of tape or whatever alternative works for you to make labels. I’ve also started folding up the empty seed packets small enough to . full review
I have been beading for over 18 years and I have tubs of beads, size 15, 11, 8, 6, and many other sizes. How I HATE to get these tubs out and try to find the colors I want. But what else can I do with that many beads? Well, I separated all my beads into color groups (they were already separated into sizes). I began filling these bead towers. I must say, they hold the tubes TIGHT! My fingers hurt now, but that’s after filling 9 of of these bead towers.
I ordered 10 of these!! Then I thought, oh no, what have I done? I tried to cancel the order and they had already been shipped. So to the house they came.
I bought mine 2 years ago. Yes, it’s $16 + $10.50 shipping for what is essentially a plastic container with compartments. You should still get it, won’t regret it, here’s why:
Unlike some other reviewers, I found the items well-packed, and in pristine shape on arrival. Each set of 24 comes with a film of plastic in the tray underneath the jars, as well as film on the inside of the lid. The whole thing was shrinkwrapped, . full review
A very affordable book for gardeners. I like the week by week format. I always start too late trying to grow seedlings missing out on some early crops. I made a bookmark with my area’s frost dates and weekly dates corresponding to the book. I feel organized for the first time since I started veggie gardening. The book has reminders for maintenance such as when to start looking for certain insects and diseases like blight. It has timely information in each section!
We gave seeds for wedding favors. These envelopes were the right size to add a personalized label to the front, and large enough to hold 4 2″ x 3″ zip-top plastic baggies.
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Seed storage containers for sale
Keep in mind that paper containers for seed saving are best for short-term storage because moisture in the air can eventually ruin the seeds. Ideas include:
Storing seeds in containers allows you to keep seeds safely organized until you’re ready to plant them in spring. The key to storing seeds is to ensure conditions are cool and dry. Selecting the best containers for seed saving can make the difference between failure and success.
If you aren’t sure the seeds are dry, spread them out on a or tray, cookie sheet, or paper plate and let them dry for a few days in a cool, protected area where they won’t be exposed to any breezes. Plastic containers for seeds may include:
Storing seeds in containers made of glass works well because you can easily see the seeds stored inside. Just like plastic storage containers though, the seeds must be completely dry. Ideas for glass seed storage containers include:
Paper is great for storing seeds, especially if you aren’t sure your seeds are completely dry. Paper is beneficial because it provides ample air circulation and is easy to label. You can store paper seed containers in larger containers such as plastic storage bins, wicker baskets, large glass jars, filing boxes, or recipe boxes.

  • Plastic film canisters
  • Pill bottles
  • Medicine storage containers
  • Resealable plastic bags
  • Condiment containers that come with take-out food

Chances are you already have plenty of containers in your kitchen, bathroom, or garage; most are easily turned into containers for seed saving. The following are some tips to help:
Silica gel or other types of drying agents can help keep seeds dry in paper, plastic, or glass seed storage containers. Purchase fresh desiccants, or if you don’t need a large amount, just save the small packets that often come with new products such as vitamins or new shoes.
Airtight plastic containers are convenient for seed storage, but only if the seeds are completely dry. Moisture is the enemy when it comes to storing seeds in containers, as the seeds are likely to mold and rot.
Storing seeds in containers allows you to keep them safely organized until they are ready to be planted in spring. What makes good seed storage containers? Chances are you probably have several of these already lying around the house somewhere. Click here to learn more.