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seed in french

Seed in french

For these qualities, all the main players in the sector worldwide are in France:

With a total of €947 million, the balance of trade in seeds and seedlings remains at an exceptionally high level, representing 34% of European exports. During the 2017-2018 campaign, imports increased by 4.6% €696 million, offset by exports which rose by 1.7% to total €1,643 million. This performance follows on the +8% average yearly export over 10 years, during this period France doubled its trade balance.
“Being the world’s leading exporter of agricultural seeds is the result of an extremely dynamic breeding process in France. 53 true French plant breeding companies market hundreds of new varieties each year to supply France and world markets.” Rosine Depoix GNIS Media Officer

Let’s look into the characteristics of the French seed industry, exporting more than half of its seed production to more than 150 countries, for a trade surplus of more than a billion dollars.
Corn multiplication field in the South-West of France
The potato sector is showing exceptional results thanks to export performances: 16.5% increase in exports (total value of 87 M €) and imports fall by 6%.
France seed market production by species
Thierry Momont, President of the Straw and Protein Cereals Section of the GNIS: “The seed, by the genetics that it embeds, is a precious ally in the decrease of the use of phytosanitary products”.

France Seed market exports by species

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Seed in french

The additional partners can be based in other EU countries or ERA associated countries.

The Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department will provide support for:
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As part of its mission to promote research collaborations between France and the United Kingdom, the Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department of the French Embassy in London aims to facilitate exchanges and meetings between researchers of both countries and reinforce their position within the European Research Area (ERA).
The submitted projects will include:
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Experience shows that the best format for this type of meeting is as follows:
The Department provides the logistics and financial support for a 2-day meeting for a maximum of 14 researchers (per meeting) to meet, exchange and discuss priorities for an emerging collaborative project. Priority will be given to multidisciplinary applications.

Each application (between 7 and 14 attendees) must be led by an existing relationship between a researcher from a French institution (universities, public research laboratories, private research institutions) and a researcher from a British research institution.

From Franco-British collaboration to European networks. Application dates: Deadline 29 November 2019