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But SEED also draws customers from all over: Echo Park, Riverside, even New York shoppers are not that unusual. There’s just not another store like this around.

As you wander through the colorful displays and stories of SEED Peoples Market, that the same concept is here too, on a micro-scale. Local makers, third-world artisans and well-name brands like Patagonia are presented side-by-side, on gorgeous hands-on display.
They call it “conscious storytelling” according to Jess Tonti, marketing coordinator for SEED. Jess discovered the concept of slow fashion a while ago, and fell in love, but couldn’t figure out where to shop, other than local thrift stores. Until a friend told her about SEED. “It gave me peace of mind; I can know where things are coming from, I can know the stories behind them, I can ask questions and they know the answers. It’s not just a blind buy—I know where it’s coming from.”

No question, every time, I can find something for anyone on my list. And probably discover a couple of things I can’t live without, too.
Photo: Samantha Chagollan
They’re not just fun to look at either. Buying one shirt from Patagonia, made of organic cotton (using non-GMO seeds and no pesticides) can save 60 gallons of water compared to a conventional cotton T-shirt.
This idea of conscious consumerism is right at home here in Costa Mesa, where so many do care about who is making what we’re buying.
Which is probably why locals like me like to shop here—we can feel really good about what we’re buying. Some of the goods are made by our neighbors, like pottery from Luna Reece ceramics, now featured in the Home section.

Candles, yoga gear, organic beauty products, the coolest greeting cards, and the best shoes. It’s all there. More than 285 brands are represented inside.

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