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sativa or indica for nausea

Sativa or indica for nausea

A hybrid blend of Fire OG and The White, this sativa-dominant hybrid is often used to treat patients with cancer, depression, and appetite loss. The high levels of THC (22-28%) make this potent strain very effective at increasing appetite and relieving pain, but the effects are upbeat and social enough to use during the day. New users will want to ease into the experience and be careful not consume too much too fast to avoid anxiety that may come from too much THC.

Also known as Lavender Kush, this strain is named after its floral scent. An indica-dominant hybrid of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian, the THC levels reach up to 27%, making this a very potent strain. With deeply relaxing effects on the body and euphoric effects on the mind, this strain is often used to treat gastrointestinal problems, including nausea, and anxiety and depression.
The best method of ingesting cannabis to ease nausea is smoking or vaping, which provides immediate and effective relief. Edibles on the other hand, must travel through the digestive system and liver, which takes more time to feel the effects and may not agree with an upset stomach. The most effective anti-emetic strains have a significant amount of THC present to ease both the body and mind. Following is our round-up of the top five strains to treat nausea:

One of the most popular medical uses of cannabis is to treat nausea and increase appetite. Nausea can arise from a variety of sources including motion sickness, migraines, chemotherapy treatments, food poisoning, low blood sugar and more. The source of nausea within the body can be somewhat complex as it is both a physical and psychological condition. Since cannabinoids can ease pains in the body while affecting the state of mind, oncologists and researchers have found that cannabis is one of the most effective nausea treatments available today.
A 2011 study published by the British Journal of Pharmacology “demonstrates that manipulation of the endocannabinoid system regulates nausea and vomiting in humans and other animals.” These findings also show that “cannabinoids may be especially useful in treating the more difficult to control symptoms of nausea and anticipatory nausea in chemotherapy patients, which are less well controlled by the currently available conventional pharmaceutical agents.”
This sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze has a citrusy scent and flavor that enhances the antiemetic effects of the cannabis. With 17-22% THC content and a significant presence of the terpene limonene, this strain offers upbeat, energetic effects, making it ideal for daytime treatment of nausea, depression, and anxiety, when you need to ease your stomach and stay active.
The infamous Northern Lights is a pure indica strain with 16-21% THC. Often used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite, the high THC content provides a powerful body-high, knocking out any pain or nausea. Very relaxing and sleepy, it is best ingested in the evening time. This strain is so well-known you can find it just about anywhere.
Cannabis has proven itself as the number one choice for many cancer patients in assuaging the pain and side effects associated with chemotherapy. For these patients, the anti-emetic properties of the plant are enhanced by additional relief from pain and depression. While there are conventional antiemetic pharmaceuticals available, none seem to be as effective as cannabis. Dr. Donald Abrams, chief oncologist at UCSF, has stated that cannabis “is the only anti-nausea medicine that increases appetite” and in a 2014 poll of US physicians, 82% of the oncologists agreed that cannabis should be offered as a treatment option.

This indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry and Sour Diesel has a significant but slightly lower THC content (15%) than the others on the list. Blueberry Diesel is a moderate strain, providing a relaxing, euphoric feeling without being overwhelming. With a sweet blueberry scent and flavor, it’s perfect for nausea relief, increasing appetite, and relieving pain and stress.

One of the most popular medical uses of cannabis is to treat nausea and increase appetite. Nausea can arise from a variety of sources including motion sickness, migraines, chemotherapy treatments, food poisoning, low blood sugar and more. The source of nausea within the body can be somewhat complex as it is both a phys

Sativa or indica for nausea

The two primary cannabinoids in the plant are:

These cannabinoids interact directly with the receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to affect things like your mood, appetite, pain tolerance and more. By adjusting the amount of THC and CBD in your marijuana, you can essentially customize your marijuana treatment to suit you and your symptoms perfectly.

  • Indica: Indica strains are notorious for creating the “couch-locked” feeling. They make the user feel more tired than energized, making them more suitable for nighttime use.
  • Sativa: Sativa strains give users more of the head-high associated with cannabis use. They are also more uplifting and energizing, making them perfect for daytime use.
  • Hybrid: Hybrids can come in any ratio of sativa and indica strains, allowing cultivators to customize them to have a broad range of effects. The best hybrid strains are flawlessly grown to treat specific symptoms and conditions.

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One of the most amazing things about cannabis medicine is its versatility. Patients with dozens of conditions have reported positive results regarding a range of symptoms after using medical marijuana. How is this possible? Because cultivators have learned how to grow specific types of cannabis called strains, all of which target a different set of symptoms.
Several studies have shown marijuana is an effective treatment for nausea and vomiting. One 1975 study found all 20 of the participants found relief from nausea after using THC products.

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC):THC is the element of marijuana that makes the user feel “high” and creates the euphoric feeling often associated with smoking weed. THC is the most prevalent component in sativa strains, which is why they are more uplifting and energizing than indica strains.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD):CBD is the cannabinoid most present in indica strains. It does not make the user feel high like THC does, but it still has many pain-relieving, calming and other medicinal qualities. This is why indica strains typically relax the user.
  • Durban Poison: This pure sativa strain is well-known for packing a punch and attacking several painful or uncomfortable symptoms at once. You can recognize it by its sweet smell and energizing effects. It’s perfect for staying productive or exploring and treating your nausea all at once.
  • Sour Diesel: This sativa strain is one of the most popular out there. With THC concentration between 21 and 22 percent, you can use Sour Diesel for your nausea, as well as migraines and depression.
  • OG Kush: OG Kush is a sativa strain known for its uplifting effect that combats migraines, depression and nausea. Many believe this strain is the best for people battling terminal illnesses as well.
  • Headband: As a combination of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, Headband is the perfect hybrid strain for combating your nausea. It’s also ideal for reducing pain, relieving stress and promoting relaxation.
  • Lemon Haze: Characterized by the smell of freshly peeled lemons, Lemon Haze is the perfect sativa strain for settling your stomach. With its green-yellow tint, fresh taste and high THC content, you’ll be full of energy and happiness when you use this strain.
  • Chocolope: Another sativa strain you can use for treating your nausea is Chocolope. With its earthy, coffee flavors and euphoric effect, you’ll want to use Chocolope every morning to treat your nausea.
  • Blue Dream: As a 50/50 hybrid of sativa and indica, Blue Dream has a way of adapting to whatever situation the user is in. Use this strain to relieve your nausea night or day, along with your stress and anxiety.
  • Lavender: This indica strain has been known to treat chronic pain, inflammation and nausea without making the user feel high. However, it also causes some drowsiness, so it’s best to use this strain at night before bed.
  • Blueberry: Blueberry is one of the most relaxing strains of marijuana there is. After decades of perfecting the cultivation process, the Blueberry marijuana we know today can relieve pain, stress, nausea and more.
  • Purple Urkle: With the smell of grapes, berry and a bit of skunk, Purple Urkle is easy to recognize. It’s known to create a deep sense of relaxation while relieving pain throughout the entire body as well as nausea. This sleep-inducer is perfect for those struggling to get a good night’s sleep.

Updated on January 22, 2019. Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Wondering what the best marijuana strains are to help treat nausea and vomiting? Read on to find the best strain and treatment options for you today!