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rqs diesel auto

Title : Très bonne graine
Comment : Livraison rapide, je recommande.

Title : All popped
Comment : All 10 seeds popped and on their way looking healthy.
This powerful, automatic Diesel hybrid can go from 0 to 60+ grams in only 60 days. Combining sativa, indica, and ruderalis genetics, this cultivar is one of the most well-rounded and easy-to-grow strains available. Lovers of the original New York City Diesel (NYCD) will be particularly pleased with the clean and clear high retained in this new autoflowering version.

Title : Really a big surprise in small package
Comment : I was quite surprised when I first time grew them and would warmly recommend them for growing. Tnx to RQS for providing them.
This is a fast and resilient strain that takes around 8–9 weeks to finish the whole growth cycle. This means it can be grown almost anywhere, and is ideal for small tents, cupboards, or guerrilla grows outdoors. It normally reaches a height of around 50–70cm indoors, but can grow taller if given the space or grown outdoors. Grown under good conditions, cultivators can crop up to 375g/m² of Diesel Automatic buds indoors and up to 110g/plant outdoors.
Title : Très satisfait!
Comment : 3 sur 4 on germées et grandissent! Très bon site cdl.
Title : nicht schlecht
Comment : super pflanze und guter geschmack
Diesel Automatic has a strong odor, so please keep this in mind if growing under more discreet conditions. Its flavor is mainly the chemical, fuel-like diesel taste, but not quite as overpowering. There is also a slight citrus and fruity aroma in the buds to even out the flavor profile. If you like New York City Diesel but don’t have the time, space, or ability to grow it—then Diesel Automatic is the perfect strain for you.

Title : Good
Comment : Fast delivery, fast grow, the yield was good, overall I am happy with the result.

It’s time to power up with some solid Diesel Auto cannabinoids. This strain is great for cold climates and energetic highs, check it out.

We are also on about the same time.

Yours is looking better I must say, mine is really squat and small with loads of growth. Looks simular to be honest with the oversized leaves for its base.. But you are looking good.

Will be following this one closely mate!

Check out ‘what seeds to choose?’ / it’s a thread I started and pictures of my Diesel are there.
I started this 4 weeks ago, but it was a freebie seed and it took at least a week to get going properly, so I’ll class mine as 21 days from popping out of the seed.
What size pots and what lights are you using?
The stem thickens up very well and has a nice aroma even vegging.
Anyways here they are and happy viewing! If you have any positive input, go for it.

Also growing one of these myself.

Whats Up Fam, I currently have myself 2 of these Beauties going at day 23. They started preflower on day 17 and have just had a bit of a stretch, good…