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royal lighting

Not only does it create a special effect on the living room, its presence has a unique way of foregrounding the beauty in surrounding furnishings.

The designers believe preference in interior lighting will shift from cold and unnatural light emitting diodes (LEDs) with direct brightness to filtered illumination as enclosed in the case of chandeliers.
A nice lighting delicately covered in translucent stone helps the interior design with cool and calm radiation, helping the mind get relaxed without being distracted.

Libby Langdon, a designer, said “the past few years we have been bombarded with glass globe fixtures with bulbs exposed inside. That trend has officially peaked”.
One of the trends that will phase out of demand in 2019 is naked light which is deemed to be a harsh source of illumination, according to a Wall Street Journal survey of 200 design professionals who identified the next big trend in decorating.
“I see us moving away from game show lighting,” agrees Thomas Jayne, another designer.
“We have just the right ceiling lights that will not only add aesthetic value to your home but will also provide you with bright light to illuminate your home.”
Hence, for dealers in interior furnishing like Lifemate Funiture, Bedmate Furniture or IO Furniture, showroom displays are incomplete without a beaming presence of chandeliers either within room settings or dining area ceilings.

According to Penz Nigeria Limited, the Ni gerian lighting community is slowly and gradually accepting latest lighting technology beauty. And advantages are seen in LEDs over incandescent light sources (normal bulb) and energy saving bulbs.

Chandeliers: The leading choice in royal lighting J ust as royal sofas are the hallmark of achieving neo-classical statements of style and luxury in home furnishing, chandeliers have also