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rockstar strain

Rockstar strain

Some also said they felt lazy, but if the bud is supposed to help you relax, did you really think you were going to get a lot done anyway?

Pricey, but if you want a strong, stable high, this is could be a good fit. Grail’s flowers come in even higher than average, at around 20 to 24 per cent THC, and were grown indoors in London, Ont.
Medical cannabis producer Tilray cultivates Rockstar flower ( $11/g ) and their website notes that this best-selling strain has a rich terpene profile. Their version contains the terpenes caryophyllene (native to spices like black pepper, cinnamon and cloves,); humulene (from cloves, basil and hops) and bisabolol (found in chamomile).

If you’re hoping to settle down for the evening or relieve some stress, this could be a good fit for you. It can also be benefical to those suffering from depression.
Rockstar by Grail is now available in Canada for approximately $48/3.5 g.
Leafly reviews show that in over 200 consumers, 81 per cent said they felt relaxed after using Rockstar, and 47 per cent felt sleepy.
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Along with the spicy, grape flavour profile, users can also expect notes of citrus.

But what else does Rockstar have to offer?

Bonus: You can find this one on Canada's regulated market