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remo nutrients for sale

Remo nutrients for sale

Hydrohobby Hydroponics has been trading in hydroponics since 2002 serving customers in the UK – via our online website and our store, which has a large secluded car park and loading bay. Providing an extensive range of hydroponic products, professional advice and guidance – open seven days a week.

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Growing plants in a liquid nutrient solution with or without soil is hydroponics. Soil is replaced with an inert media to support the root system such as coco coir or clay pebbles. Your plants will grow quicker in hydroponics systems as the nutrients solution is absorbed quicker via the plant roots system. Consuming up to 20 times less water and nutrients, than soil based gardening indoor hydroponic gardening, will put you in total control of all vital plant growing factors: light, heat, nutrients, temperature and humidity. This means you can optimise your indoor garden pushing your crops to their full potential improving both quality and yields.
Starting at: £14.95

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Hydroponics and grow shop specialist HydroHobby supply a wide range of hydroponic systems and growing equipment available for next day delivery in the UK.

Remo nutrients for sale

Our ethos is to treat our local everyday customers that visit our hydro shops and hydro warehouses, the same as we do our first time online customers. We are always looking to innovate the supply process and give our customers the service they can’t get anywhere else in the Ireland or Ireland. We have built an Expert Corner section and now added a grow room online chat group service to our website.

We accept a wide range of payment methods to make things as easy as possible. These include online (credit & debit cards), PayPal, mail order, telephone order, bank transfer directly into our bank account and most recently Bitcoin.
Use our new Growers Tools – The Tent Builder to configure your complete setup and the Extraction Calculator to calculate the extraction you require for your grow room.

Who is The Hydroponics Store, since 2002 we have strived to become centrally placed as the preferred local and online hydroponics supplies in the UK and Ireland. Stocking all the hydroponics shop gardening and hydroponic equipment that you will need to create a healthier, greener and cleaner indoor hydro garden or grow house garden in the Ireland.
We offer discreet shipping and now accept payments in Bitcoin to further add anonymity to your hydroponic shopping experience. If you’d prefer to come in person we provide a free customer parking and loading area for your convenience.
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Our custom Hydroponic Grow Kit Builder section is now available to help our customers easily make their own custom grow tents.
Our custom Hydroponic Extraction Calculator section is now available to help our customers easily make their own custom extraction system.

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Hydroponics supplies all the growing equipment, grow tent kits, nutrients and advice in Ireland, buy online or Dublin grow shop. Indoor gardening hydro experts.