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reggae on the river humboldt

Reggae on the river humboldt

High Times did not respond to multiple requests for comment Tuesday.

“We have some serious contract negotiations to go through in the next three weeks,” said board vice president Dusty Hughston. “Right now, we’re under contracts and leases and confidentiality agreements. … We all believe it’s a breach but we don’t want to shove our foot in our mouth. (We want to) avoid a big lawsuit.”
But before the board can move forward with any event, it needs to determine its standing legally with High Times Productions. When the Mateel and High Times agreed to a partnership in early 2018, the two entities cemented a six-year lease over the Reggae on the River event.

“They were facing a situation of heavy losses,” Snodgrass said. “You can try to sugar-coat it, but that’s why they pulled out — low ticket sales, low interest.”
And the next few weeks will determine the path forward for the Mateel.
“Reggae is kind of boring,” said one woman. “… The river used to be full and beautiful, but it’s not anymore. I think that’s the reason people go to other festivals.”
“My impression is they weren’t really equipped to do a community-based partnership of this model,” she said. “They are used to going from city to city for cannabis cups … It’s been a hard lesson to learn.”
One community member suggested making the event more interactive, involving art installations and places where people can take photos to share on social media.

High Times told the Mateel on Monday the festival was canceled. Board members said the reasons cited for the cancellation were low ticket sales, negative feedback and lack of local support.

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