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Different high, never tried cartridges fuck that, don’t know what’s in them. I have a combination desktop vape/enail dab rig I just got on the 20th, works great on that.

If you can get a hold of some wax/shatter/any type of oil and a wax liquidiser from eBay. Put about 1/3rd of a g / ml and microwave
I have had both real and fake thc oil. The way you can tell whether or not it is fake is look at the consistency. It should be thick and not run easily, unless it is made with thc-a but that’s rare af.

Synthetic cannabis is no joke and I’ve seen friends fall into addiction/depression/brain fried from too much of this shit. Honestly whoever is selling/producing this shit should be ashamed
Most of the carts are shit. You want one made out of fire bho extract sauce without flavourings. Majority of them are made of shitty distillate. Pure thc isn’t a fun high imo
I see a lot online in the US about this, but not much in the UK. I’ve asked around and can’t seem to find anyone who can get hold of THC oil to vape. Does it get you just as high and how long does one cartridge last you?
Yeah, I do frequently but it doesn’t last that long with prolonged use so I save it for outdoors adventures when I should be discrete.
Shit gets u super high for 30 mins I couldn’t even stand up. I’m a weakling 4 puffs and I’m gone

It’s expensive but if I lived in a legal country it’s all I’d use for regular use. It’s fucking amazing, it’s so clean and it has no smell whatsoever when you puff out. If you add terpenes to it it tastes delicious too.