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rarest cannabis strains

Rarest cannabis strains

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What makes it special: Like Panama Red, Lasqueti gives an intense boost of energy that can provide symptomatic relief against fatigue.
Approx. cost: The extreme rarity of this strain makes it essentially unavailable online, so consumers will just have to be lucky to stumble upon it.
What makes it special: Consumed mostly to evoke the 60s nostalgia, this strain’s attributes are its fiery appearance and the speed with which its mind-altering effects kicks in.
Approx. cost: $20 per 3.5 g

What makes it special: Its golden strands make it easy to spot, as does its sweet, earthy aroma. A pure sativa, its effects are those of most high-THC plants (uplifting, energetic and stimulating)–only stronger.
Approx. cost: $15 per 3.5 g
It’s no secret that not all cannabis is created equal. Some are legendary in their efficacy, some barely meet quality standards, and others are almost impossible to obtain altogether. It’s intriguing to note that rarity doesn’t always seem to correspond with high prices; most of these strains are affordable regardless of their status.
What makes it special: Its black buds alone make this strain instantly recognizable–you’ll know it when you see it. Appearances aside, its unique THC-V profile means it relieves pain and stress without leaving you glued to your couch.
Approx. cost: Another finder’s gem, the rarity of this strain means you won’t easily find it online.
Here’s what experts had to say about 11 sought-after, seldom-found strains.
What makes it special: Zero couch-lock, an energy rush, and suppression of panic attacks are just a few reasons to give this strain a try… should it cross your path.
Approx. cost: $280 per ounce

Named in honour of cannabis researcher Harvard MD Lester Grinspoon, author of 1993’s prescient Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, Dr. Grinspoon is pure sativa and an excellent choice for any activity requiring extended concentration–barring driving, of course. Ryan Lee, founder of Chimera Genetic Resource Management, says that Dr. Grinspoon is often sold in Dutch coffee shops under the name “Grinspoon”, but is often referred to as “Quaze” or “Quaze Haze” for reasons unknown.

Here’s what experts had to say about the most sought-after, seldom-found strains

Rarest cannabis strains

Not to be confused with the dangerous illicit drug known as Spice or K2 , this plant is 100 percent cannabis. This is a beauty of a plant growing in seven to nine weeks. The mix of indica and sativa genetics from Hawaii offers a laid-back high reminiscent of days on the beach .

Prayer Pupil by Mass Medical Strains is a hybrid of Star Pupil and Bodhi Seeds’ Prayer Tower . Online seed banks tend to list Prayer Pupil as a sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain rates high in THC, so beware!
Cranberry Haze’s closest ancestors are Colombian Gold; a purple phenotype of Original Haze called Pure Haze; and some Chitral #1 , making the resulting variety quite a library of landrace genetics. Not yet on the legal market, home growers can expect the plant to a height of about two metres, and with a flowering time of about 10 to 12 weeks .

A cross between Golden Ticket and Jesus OG , Scarecrow OG is a variety of cannabis produced by Jinxproof Genetics . Scarecrow OG is described as having dense flowers with sugary lime overtones, accompanied by slightly spicy notes.
Not all strains are created equal. Photo Roxana Gonzalez/Getty Images
Purple Mazel Tov is a mash-up of two of the most pungent strains around: Kosher Kush and Granddaddy Purple. Growers can coax out the purple hues of this strain by manipulating the temperature, soil pH and lighting at specific points of the plant’s development.
White Fire OG, or WiFi for short, holds aromas of soil, cedar and citrus. WiFi came to be when the team at OG Raskal Seeds in Southern California crossed Fire OG with The White , creating an energizing hybrid boasting a THC potency that has tested as high as 30 percent.
Award-winning Appleberry is an indica-dominant hybrid of Dynalicious ( Dynamite crossed with Bubblicious ) and White Widow . While it is not on the market in Canada, for growers Appleberry is a good choice. Sumo Seeds calls it one of the best producing-plants.

This strain is more likely to lift your mood than raise hell. Hell Raiser OG is a mostly sativa variety from Archive Seed Bank, and it’s said to produce a relaxed and happy high.

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