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rare strains

Idukki Gold is mostly grown in the state of Kerala in India. It’s known to be a little more potent than other strains grown in the country. However, the country’s police have been cracking down on illegal marijuana growers in Kerala, meaning those who still grow the crop move to new locations where the conditions aren’t ideal for Idukki Gold.

3. Fruity Pebbles OG
In the 1960s, the Colombian Gold strain changed the marijuana scene with its healthy and fresh buds. But now there are plenty of alternatives to Colombian Gold that offer those same qualities, meaning it’s not as in demand as it once was.

8. Neville’s Haze
One of the most powerful strains available, the Bruce Banner strain has often been tested at over 30 percent THC. So when this strain does become available at a dispensary, it sells out quickly.
10. Lamb’s Breath
Fruity Pebbles OG was always meant to be rare. Alien Genetics created only a limited number of seeds of this cross between Granddaddy Purple, Green Ribbon and Tahoe Alien. In fact, there were so few made that some seeds sold for more than $1000 per pack. Good luck finding this anytime soon.
Also known as Lamb’s Bread, the Lamb’s Breath strain is known to be the favorite of Bob Marley. So you’d think it would be a highly sought after strain, but it’s actually incredibly difficult to find in the United States.

6. Colombian Gold

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, it can seem pretty easy for people to purchase cannabis in America. But just because cannabis is legal, doesn’t mean every single strain of it is available for purchase.

Rare strains

Named in honour of cannabis researcher Harvard MD Lester Grinspoon, author of 1993’s prescient Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, Dr. Grinspoon is pure sativa and an excellent choice for any activity requiring extended concentration–barring driving, of course. Ryan Lee, founder of Chimera Genetic Resource Management, says that Dr. Grinspoon is often sold in Dutch coffee shops under the name “Grinspoon”, but is often referred to as “Quaze” or “Quaze Haze” for reasons unknown.

Purported to be the favourite strain of iconic songwriter and cannabis enthusiast Bob Marley, this highbrow sativa, as you might’ve guessed, is notable for its efficacy in creative pursuits. Also called “Lamb’s Breath”, the origin of its whimsical name is shrouded in mystery.
Lovingly referred to as “Lasqueti Sweetie”, this strain is super rare, and maybe even extinct. On its origin, Lee notes: “It was grown by an older hippie on Lasqueti Island in the 90s.” Lasqueti’s powerful cerebral effects aren’t for the faint of heart, with many consumers recalling an invigorating boost of energy and focus that can be intimidating. Connoisseurs report a “sweet” and “herbal” flavour, in tandem with a strong, pungent aroma.

Here’s what experts had to say about 11 sought-after, seldom-found strains.
“Any strain that makes cannabigerol (CBG), a lesser known cannabinoid, is worthwhile,” says McKernan. Although one of the most prominent cannabinoids in the plant (alongside THC and CBD), McKernan says consumers are unlikely to come across strains producing in this non-psychoactive, anti-inflammatory, pain-killing compound. “They are unique and medically differentiated.” One of the biggest names in CBG-generating cannabis is Colorado Seed Inc.’s Magic Jordan. Though its name and genetic heritage are an enigma, its effects are not: This is a mellow indica, highly useful for alleviating chronic pain and inflammation.
What makes it special: Like Panama Red, Lasqueti gives an intense boost of energy that can provide symptomatic relief against fatigue.
Approx. cost: The extreme rarity of this strain makes it essentially unavailable online, so consumers will just have to be lucky to stumble upon it.
What makes it special: Relaxation is the name of the game with this plant, as its indica lineage suggests its part of the Kush family of strains. The few lucky enough to have tried it describe a profound release of bodily tension; inducing such a sense of calm that it could help treat insomnia.
Approx. cost:
Consumers will have to apply this strain’s relaxed attitude to acquiring it—its scarcity means it’s not accessible for online purchase.
Malawi Gold was traditionally grown by native Malawi tribes and is considered one of the strongest sativas produced in Southeast Africa. It’s also one of the region’s largest cash crops with effects described by consumers as exceptionally cerebral and euphoric.

What makes it special: Zero couch-lock, an energy rush, and suppression of panic attacks are just a few reasons to give this strain a try… should it cross your path.
Approx. cost: $280 per ounce

Here’s what experts had to say about the most sought-after, seldom-found strains