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rapid rooter cannabis

Rapid rooter cannabis
the roots come out nice and thick.
i use root riot which i reckon is the same thing.
i mix a litre of water with tarantula and piranha benificial fungi and bacteria.
then plonk my RR cubes in the mix squash them all down, then they fill up with the liquid.
i squash them a few times then take them out one at a time squeezing out nearly all the moisture.
I mist them immediately with a Vita-Grow Anti Wilt solution but I don’t think that’s necessary. Be sure to check on the regularly as they have a tendency to absorb too much water if there’s too much in the tray. Don’t be afraid to squeeze them gently with the clone in to get excess water out.
In summer I use a 75 watt equiv. CFL on 24 hrs and mist with at least once a day without a heat pad. In winter they’ll take 3 or 4 times as long without a heating pad. My quickest mom roots in 5 days and most of the rest go 7-10 but I do have a couple real stubborn ones that go 12-14.
I use an inset tray with spaces for the rooters, a regular tray and a dome and only do a dozen or so at a time. I’ll fill the middle two rows of the inset with clones and pour a little water on the outside grooves of the bottom tray to keep humidity up.

i spray clones n cubes 2 times a day
roots after 6 days
I’ve had fantastic success with Rapid Rooters. Consider them a soil less medium. I add a tiny drop of bloom fert and cannazyme (at maybe 1/10 strength) to some water and pH balance to 6 or so and soak them. I use Clonex rooting gel but any rooting hormone should work fine. Squeeze the excess water out of them before you place the clone. When you squeeze gently water should not pour out. Moist not wet.
When I place the clone in the hole I carefully tear a piece of the rooter off from around the rim and stuff it in as a shim to support the clone and eliminate air from getting to the new root zone.
i use root riots as well soke them for 20mins in water then ring them out. take cutting dip in clonex place in cube and puta propagater under a enviro 125w (2ft away)
does anyone have any experience with cloning in rapid rooters, what the general consensus on these little spongy guys? Got any tips for using rapid rooters?