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rainbow kush strain review

Several medical patients proved the effectivity of this strain with their health conditions. Some of these are anxiety, depression, stress, lack of appetite, chronic pain, and nausea.

Users love this strain since it keeps them active and focus throughout the day. It also brings positive cerebral effects due to its low THC level. Medical patients use this to alleviate their poor appetite, nausea, and chronic pain. However, its CBD content is not enough to help people with seizure disorders. This strain works effectively in washing away pain, fatigue, and anxiety.
The most associated side effects among users are dizziness, dry eyes, paranoia, and slight headache.

  • Happy: 50%
  • Relaxed: 49
  • Uplifted: 43
  • Euphoric: 42%
  • Tingly: 21%

People who use it in moderation will not experience getting high. It will only bring a mild body melt which is perfect after a tough day at work.
The distinctive colors of the Rainbow Kush are fiery red, bright yellow, pink, and orange. It also has small hints of purple, green, blue, and white. This strain is the most colorful cannabis in the market today. It displays the entire spectrum of a rainbow until its flowering stage. You will notice that its nugs are greenish with purple tones.
This strain needs plenty of nutrients to grow beautiful, healthy, and colorful buds. The best fertilizers that you can use are feather meal, natural potash, guano, soft rock phosphate, sea kelp, and steamed bone meal.
This strain has a piney and earthy flavor. You can also taste hints of coffee one you inhale it. Afterward, it brings a spicy aftertaste.

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