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rainbow kush price

Anthony James – January 2, 2018 :

Other than the usual dry eyes and dry mouth, there are no negative side effects when consuming the Rainbow Kush strain. Both of these can be easily managed, and are to be expected when smoking any marijuana strain.
Very happy with my order, very satisfied with the product, will buy more.

Shipping took a little longer than expected. Not all my seeds were good. By the way, I got some free seeds, thanks
Peter N. – May 8, 2017 :
$ 46.90 – $ 79.90 20% VAT
it is one of the best strains that I’ve made grow. easy to grow. already ordered new seeds and hope the delivery will be fast as always
As for the effects, the indica dominance allows for deep relaxation when smoked, which is well balanced with uplifting cerebral effects. Best of all, this strain won’t leave you in a “weed coma”.

Rainbow Kush seeds are fairly easy to grow and since they are feminized seeds, they are ready for harvesting in 8-9 weeks. Additionally, the plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and it’s best to do it in a Sea of Green (SOG) method to stimulate the flowering early on.

Rainbow Kush feminized seeds for sale. This strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Master Kush. FREE seeds. Shipping to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.