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purple wreck weed

Consumers expect a positive experience when they consume cannabis, and Purple Wreck does not disappoint. The mood boost and focus mixed with the relaxation experienced from this quality strain is fitting for daydreaming to daily chores, though nothing too complicated should be tackled while enjoying this Indica heavy hybrid. Doing something creative like painting or cerebral like watching a movie is a great way to unwind with this weed.

Proper cultivation technique of Purple Wreck can yield a marijuana plant with a THC content with a top end of an astounding 31 percent. CBD content is less intensive, ranging between .01 and .1 percent. The terpenes that tend to measure highest in Purple Wreck are Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool, and Myrcene.
DNA genetics out of Amsterdam are the proud parents of Purple Wreck. To speed up the harvest time and increase the yield of the insanely popular Purple Urkle they crossbred with the equally notorious Trainwreck. The other upside to choosing Trainwreck to crossbreed with is that the Sativa qualities added to the genetic mix help boost the focus level experienced and the good vibes that come with consuming Purple Wreck.

Looking to take the edge off, have a satisfying meal, and go onto a fitful sleep after some downtime with some Purple Wreck?
Visually appealing as it is to smell, Purple Wreck is a feast for the senses. Bright green buds with purple hues and amber hairs have a thick coating of trichomes. This elite marijuana strain emits aromas that are sweet and earthy in nature, having undertones from grass to pine, with a slightly spicy back note and distinct fruit flavor that is typically that of grape but may come off as grapefruit if a little more of the Trainwreck heritage comes through.
Dry mouth is the most common undesirable side effect that can be expected when consuming Purple Wreck. Some people also end up with dry eyes, so if you are prone, be prepared. Those who have a lower tolerance to THC consume more than their body can process may feel anxiety, paranoia, to downright dizziness.
Many marijuana strains gain dedicated followings, and Purple Wreck has its lion’s share of fans. No matter the tolerance of the consumer, this cannabis is best ingested in small doses until one’s personal tolerance is determined. Small amounts of Purple Wreck encourage a happy, laid-back mood with a creative flair. If one increases the dose, hunger is sure to follow, so don’t consume this weed without a food plan already in place. And if you ingest still more, there is likely a nap in your immediate future.
This cannabis strain is as delicious as it is aromatic, rounding out the experience. All this along with a tendency for high yields when optimally cultivated makes it a favorite with growers from novice to advanced alike.

Those factors make it ideal for indoor grows, though one may still harvest 21 ounces or more from an outdoor plant that experiences ideal conditions. If you do choose to try your luck with an outdoor environment, expect harvest time to be late September to early October; whereas indoor cannabis plants take between 53 and 63 days.

As far as Indica hybrids go, Purple Wreck has earned its place as a favorite amongst medical and recreational marijuana consumers alike. It is as soothing mentally as it is physically , making this creeper weed’s usefulness unparalleled when navigating the various ups and downs of life. Great for unwinding after a long day, Purple Wreck compliments dinner time, relaxation,