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purple punch indica

As the high continues, the bodily effects will begin to kick in to balance out the cerebral effects. These come in the form of physical relaxation and strong sedation, which is common for indica strains. Due to the strong sedation, this strain is recommended for night-time use, or just before bed.

There are no other phenotypes of Purple Punch available, however, its parent strain, Granddaddy Purple, has a comparable taste. If you weren’t feeling the flavour of this one, or you couldn’t track it down, then similar strains to this one include Do-Si-Dos (more giggly), Master Kush (more limonene) and Monster Cookies (more uplifting). However, if this strain sounded appealing because of its aroma and flavour, then check out other sweet-tasting strains such as Gelato and GSC.
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Consumers who prefer the relaxing and sedating indica effects of cannabis, without too much cerebral stimulation, will thoroughly enjoy this strain. Where this strain really makes a name for itself however is through its incredible flavour and aroma. For lovers of a gustatory cannabis experience, look no further than Purple Punch, as it is one of the best-tasting strains around in 2020.
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Purple Punch’s aroma is as sweet as its name suggests. This strain’s aromatic profile contains scents such as grape, candy, blueberries and soda. Vanilla and herbal notes can also be detected when the buds are broken apart or ground up. The main terpenes found within this strain are caryophyllene (peppery), limonene (citrus) and pinene (pine).

The Purple Punch strain is indica-typical in appearance, with a short stature and round, globular buds. The dense, fragrant and purple buds are all hallmarks of the Purple Punch strain. These buds are fluffy and bright, with an almost-neon tone to them. They are absolutely laden with amber trichomes and bright orange pistils.

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