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purple pine cone

Purple pine cone

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Tip: place fresh cut buds in the fridge overnite to enhance the purple coloring.
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These flowers are so dense we suggest using a weed grinder to break up the buds for smoking.
Purple Pinecone by Sagarmatha is a strong indica stone envelopes the smoker taking them to a kinder gentler place of mind. Great weed for winding down and relaxing from a hard days activities.
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Hard dense flavorful nugs packed with luminous trichromes spread over a pallet of light purplish hues makes Purple Pinecone one of our most beautiful plants.

  • Type: Indica-Sativa, indoor and outdoor
  • Vegetate until: 4 – 7 internodes
  • Flowering time: 50-55 days
  • Average height: 0.5 – 0.75 meter
  • Yield: 325-375 grams / m² (dried, indoor)

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Here’s what those ‘Horstmanns’ Korean fir seed cones mature into:

Then there are cones that really don’t resemble anyone’s idea of pine cones, such as the soft blue horned seed cones on Platycladus orientalis, commonly called Chinese arborvitae. They decorate the plant like so many pearls scattered across a tweedy green dress.
And, while smaller than seed cones, in order to ensure genetic diversity, they are also more plentiful. This was quite obvious last week at San Francisco Botanical Garden, another ACS Reference Garden, where I caught the Abies numidica doing a little conifer-style chest-thumping:

‘Pusch’ was found as a witch’s broom on another Norway spruce, Picea abies ‘Acrocona’. ‘Acro’ means ‘at the end’ in Latin, and describes the habit this conifer has of producing most of its cones at the ends of its branches. If ‘Pusch’ looks like it is full of little rose-buds, ‘Acrocona’ is more like a single large long-stemmed American Beauty.
Firs, however, do not have a monopoly on cute cones. Many spruces can compete with confidence! Picea orientalis, or Oriental spruce, has darling cones that dangle from the branches. (PICEA cones are PENDULOUS.) Here’s a lovely show from an early one called ‘Fasty Gold’.
Photographs by Janice LeCocq Photography In April, winter-weary eyes look with relief to spring flowers bursting forth across the landscape. But don’t think that flowers are the only eye-candy in the garden at this time of year; take a look at the vernal show that conifers (those allegedly boring, unchanging hulks of northern forests) put on for us! The Poulsen Arnold fir above is one of those decorating my garden right now with its gorgeous cones.
And those cones nestle on top of needles that have a silvery underside that glistens in the sunlight.
There are even female spruce cones that look like little rosebuds, which grace the landscape well before the actual roses bloom. The dwarf cultivar of Norway spruce, Picea abies ‘Pusch’, is one of the rosiest. The photo below shows this year’s cones (the pink ones) nestled amongst last year’s (the brown ones). It is a diminutive selection, great for a container planting.

Other pines, like the Eastern white pine, Pinus strobus, have long, slender cones, although when young don’t look much different from those of their mugo relatives. In the photo below you can see this year’s new, small cones among last year’s crop. The sap (a way that the pine protects the protein-rich seeds within from predatory birds and mammals) makes the older cones appear as if they were dipped in sugar.

12 Amazing Conifer Cones Photographs by Janice LeCocq Photography In April, winter-weary eyes look with relief to spring flowers bursting forth across the landscape. But don’t think that