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purple kush pic

Purple kush pic

The Purple Kush strain is a very calming type of Kush, and is also known as one of the best Kush strains; Users have reported experiencing being both relaxed and happy. Purple Kush possesses a slightly lower THC percentage compared to the other strains in this article, but result in the same calming effects. Purple Kush boasts of herbal scents and flavors. It resulted from a crossing of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. When Purple Kush is grown, there can sometimes be a bit of purple color detected on the plant. It also may get its purple name from the reportedly grape taste that this strain provides. Purple Kush can be used to treat stress, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Dry mouth and dry eyes are common side effects—big surprise there.

As you can see, there are many commonalities between different types of Kush such as benefits including calming, yet happy effects. And you may experience dry mouth and eyes as side effects. However, each strain has its unique traits and depending on your desired effects, you should research each strain. For example, only a couple of strains of Kush have been reported to be good in combat with pain. However, strains are not a one size fits all situation. If one strain, in particular, doesn’t suit your fancy, I wouldn’t give up on Kush just yet. There could be another one that leans more toward citrus than earthy scents or one that makes you feel a little less sedative than you feel you need to be. If you’re looking for high energy strains, these are probably not for you and Sativa strains are probably more what you want. If you’re looking for a happy night on the couch, these top 10 Kush strains are your best bet!
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Pure Kush is a very calming form of Kush. For the insomniacs and people in pain, this variety offers sedative effects and makes your body relaxed and sleepy, but happy at the same time. Stress and anxiety sufferers also report benefits from Pure Kush. Unlike most other forms of Kush, Pure Kush is known to help with nausea. Be warned, these sedative effects can be intense for your first time, and if you’re looking for an energizer, this is not the strain for you. What sort of side effects can you expect? You guessed it: dry mouth.
Master Kush is a direct descendant of the original Hindu Kush. It is known for its peppery and citrus scents and flavors. Master Kush is known to be more calming than energizing. The effects may relax your body, but keep your wits and sharp thinking intact. Master Kush is used to help with creativity as well, so this strain will make you a master indeed. This strain makes you feel calm and happy, but also sleepy. It helps with stress, pain, anxiety, and depression, and is also a very popular strain amongst insomniacs. Once again, dry mouth is a common occurrence.
Bubba Kush’s namesake is Matt “Bubba” Berger, who was the person who transported the plant from Florida to Los Angeles in 1996 for it to be cultivated. Bubba Kush has a mostly peppery scent but still exhibits citrus, herbal, and earthy tones. Bubba Kush has a bit of a lower percentage of THC compared to strains like SFV OG and Banana Kush but still shows similar effects. Like SFV OG Kush, it is a deeply calming form that is used for its tranquilizing effects. The strain’s top uses are to help alleviate stress, pain, and insomnia. Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and an unusual appetite may occur as side effects of this strain. This strain is known to be one of the easiest types of Kush to grow.
Critical Mass and OG Kush came together to form this indica-dominant strain, Critical Kush. This strain’s scents and tastes mimic herbs and pepper. It is spicy! Critical Kush is a calming strain. As one of the most relaxing varieties of Kush, it helps with stress, pain, depression anxiety, and insomnia. It has a high THC percentage, so although you will be very happy, you’ll probably be very happy just sitting on your couch. A common negative side effect is a dry mouth and eyes.
Last, but not least: Cali Kush. This strain is both calming and energizing (but leaning a little bit more toward the calm end of the spectrum). It gets its name from its rising popularity in California. Relaxation, happiness, and uplifting feelings can result from the usage of this particular strain. Depression, anxiety, stress, and headache sufferers can use this as well. Dry mouth may occur. The scents and tastes are mainly citruses. Cali Kush comes in both Indica and Sativa-dominant varieties, so you can try them both!

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Best kush strains. Kush mainly falls into the indica-hybrid category rather than Sativa, but there are many hybrid Kush strains.

As Purple Kush is a potent strain, those who are sensitive to marijuana frequently complain of headaches or anxiety, both of which are symptoms of being too high.

The strain starts off with a slight sense of cerebral disorientation before easing into physical relaxation. More psychedelic and distorted head highs are not uncommon. Users’ lips have been known to turn into involuntary grins, unnoticed under the heavy high.
After Purple Kush plants have flowered, it is important to cure the plants properly for about a week. Hang the Purple Kush buds upside down in a room, consistently with 50% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The harvester should then seal the Purple Kush flower in jars in similar conditions (ideal humidity 60% to 65%).

Plants flower in 8 weeks indoors and outdoors, making this a versatile choice for growers. Purple Kush will grow wide rather than tall, and the dark green buds will remain dense and not overly large.
The full-bodied indica is a mixture between a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strain. The two Southeast Asian landrace strains create a totally indica lineage. These two indicas foster a famously euphoric high that rounds out with a sedative sense of comfort.
The strain was named a Top 10 Kush strain by High Times in 2016. Part of this accolade reflects Purple Kush’s impressive THC range that often reaches into the 20th percentile. Purple Kush varieties range from 18% to 27% THC. Purple Kush’s high has been known to last up to three hours.
The 100% indica is popular in Washington, California, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan and Canada.
First-hand reports say the bud has a musky and earthy scent, undercut by a smell of pine and fruitiness. When smoked, Purple Kush varieties should burst with a grape-like and hashy smell. Warning to novice smokers: Purple Kush’s harsh exhale can incite coughing.

This all indica girl is known for her long lasting high that starts strong as well as her berry aroma. Hailing from the “Oaskterstdam” hub in Northern California, Purple Kush harnesses its power from its international genetics. Growers favor the strain for its versatility and potent product. This all-star indica additionally delights recreational and medical users. Purple Kush boasts a powerful and intoxicating scent, which it is known for.

This 100Learn about Purple Kush. See what the flavor profile is as well as the effects Purple Kush may cause after consuming it! indica emerged from the Oakland (or Oaksterdam ) area of California as the result of a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Purple Kush nugs are smaller and denser than hybrid or sativa strains. When properly cured, Purple Kush nugs should be a medium-size and popcorn-shaped. Purple Afghani contributes to the indica-hybrid’s purple color. Purple Kush nugs