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purple kush outdoor

Purple kush outdoor

Outdoor growers should watch out for Botrytis mold (blue/grey mold) during the end of flowering, due to it’s indica Afghani genetics this strain is moderately susceptable. Fortunately, the mold does not spread like wildfire through Purple Kush. With clean plants, good airflow, and (if you’re lucky) good weather, mold is easily avoided. The end product is on par with indoor top shelf buds.

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A few years back we had a massive powdery mildew outbreak on the island. Almost all of our medical marijuana plants were affected by this mildew, but the Purple Kush plants were hardly hit at all. It’s rough broad leaves held up strong and clean.

Purple Kush by ILGM is a feminized marijuana seed version of this legendary indica strain. The Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani genetics create a plant that’s easy to grow in most conditions. It forms into a bush structure resistant to pests and parasites. Does well indoors in a SCROG setup. Outdoors, Purple Kush is ready to harvest by early-September.
Purple Kush is a bulky heavy feeding strain. Whether you are growing organically or non-organically, a hearty diet of cannabis nutrients can help maximize yields from these fat bud Afghani plants
Mendocino Purple Kush by Medical Seeds is a multiple award-winning hybrid of Purple Kush and Mendo Purps. It is a robust marijuana plant with large leaves and big dank colorful buds. For indoor cultivation, SOG or SCROG is recommended. Outdoors, the plants can grow big and are finished by early-October. The various phenotypes give color ranges from green to deep violet. Sweet tasting, rock hard stoney buds.
Purple Kush holds up well against pests and diseases. Purple Kush’s thick dark green leaves are not the succulent type that attracts insects – just take a bite of a leaf and you’ll know what I’m talking about, bitter.
Purple Kush is an indica hybrid created by crossing Purple Afghani with Hindu Kush. It originated out of the Oakland area of California.

Purple Kush came onto the Big Island scene sometime around the 2000’s and eventually got hybridized into a more sativa dominant plant.

The popular weed strain Purple Kush has been around for decades. Despite it's age, this strain is still top-notch quality dank bud. Purple Kush grows easy