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purple haze seed

I suffered from stress and depression that’s why I decided to grow purple haze myself. It’s believed to be a good mood-lifter and it’s true! The seeds were delivered fast and discreetly so I didn’t have any problems. I like the fact that 9/10 popped out!! I’m not an experienced grower but I managed to cultivate them and gain decent yield. Happy to have my own bud now!

Purple Haze crop doesn’t require heavy feeding. Increasing phosphorus during flowering will suffice. Regularly check to ensure leaves are dark green and don’t have spots or discoloration.
Sheeeer pleasure to grow these seeds! 5 out of 5 germinated and grew so fast and strong. No troubles at all. Highly recommend this place 🙂

My friend told me about this seeds online shop and I decided to buy my fav strain seeds.. I have to say these seeds are dope!! All of them germinated and are growing healthy now. I’m waiting for the high yield
Purple Haze seeds are a hybrid variety, formed from its parent strains – the rare but potent Purple Thai and Haze. Its euphoric effect comes from its genetic composition, 70% sativa and 30% indica. Purple Haze has a very high THC content at 20% and the mind-blowing high is loved by experienced smokers. Especially as a daytime strain, the Purple Haze is unbeatable.
bce4601 (verified owner) – September 4, 2019 :
Got my shipment in 15 days, no problems. All but one sprouted and grew, one started to sprout, but just stopped. Still a good average. I will be back.
Purple Haze is fire! Such a potent strain with a great sweet flowery/earthy tastee

$ 74.40 – $ 124.00 20% VAT

Purple Haze is a feminized strain with a high yield. Grow difficulty: Easy. Purple Haze is a cross between Purple Thai and Haze. Flowering period 9-10 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.