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purple ganja

Title : Purple
Comment : Super variété
Purple Queen reigns supreme in the cannabis garden. Indoors, or outdoors in temperate to warm climates, this strain can and probably will stun you with her gooey purple nugs. In just 8 weeks of 12/12, or by mid-September outdoors, she will be ready for harvest. Purple Queen is a compact, branchy Kush hybrid that will mature to purple dream weed without a fuss. She’ll fill out lateral grow space and will rarely exceed 1m in height. Over thousands of years, the ancient Kush genetics from which she is derived have developed incredible resistance as well as spectacular purple hues. Purple Queen can tolerate high doses of fertilisers and will thrive in any growing system from organics to hydroponics.
Title : Excellent
Comment : Fast delivery and good stuff. Will order again. Thanks
Title : bien
Comment : livraison rapide et discrete, parfait
Title : Top
Comment : Ottimo prodotto, complimenti
Title : Purple queen
Comment : Je les reçu son soucis, et conformément a la brochure elle est vite sortie, merci royale queen seed je vs enverrai des photos de l’évolution de la plante
Title : eccellente
Comment : eccezionale spedizione super un milione di stelle. ero scettico ma quando da un seme in due giorni ho avuto una piantina tutto si è dissolto consiglio di comprare da loro perchè professionalità e qualità soprattutto
Title : Top Abwicklung
Comment : Tip Top Seite, Bestellung, Bestellabwicklung super nachvollziehbar, Keimung über Nacht alle gruss aus der Oberpfalz
Title : super la Purple Queen
Comment : Plante très robuste elle grandit bien comme a tout mes amis je vous la conseille.
Journey to the clouds from the couch with mystical mountain Kush. Purple Queen is the cool purple bud that will get you royally stoned.