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The high is most definitely the best thing about the Purple Cookies strain. Once again the high is subtle to begin with, but after about 15 minutes you realise you’re pretty fucking high! But the high is clean, calm and concentrated, leaving you able to get on freely with your day. Aesthetically, the Purple Cookies strain looks insane! Completely trichome covered, with hints of dark green and blue creeping through. This is definitely one for those of you looking for something relaxing, that’s not going to smash the shit in to you and stop your day from happening!

Like the flavour, the high immediately feels very clean and clear minded. The high starts off really light and I feel really settled and nicely chilled. The high is definitely a bit of a creeper and as it builds, I’m still feeling very relaxed. I also feel very productive, like I could get on with some work or something quite contently. Instead of working though, I’m just sat chatting with my good friend CBD Mick. We’re both chatting away agreeing that we’re both feeling pretty buzzed!
When opening the bag, I’m met with a subtle sweet smell, which to be honest, isn’t overpowering. Not to say it’s not a nice smell, its just not pungent. This leads me to believe that the Purple Cookies strain is leading to the indica side. The buds are incredibly dense and when broken up you start to get some of the aromas coming through. When ground, the sweet smells really do become more powerful with reminiscent hints of Soma Seeds New York Diesel there.

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The Purple Cookies strain is ideal for users with low tolerance due to its slow-building, relaxing high. It tends to make users feel blissful yet calm. It is commonly used in the treatment of depression, nausea, chronic pain, and insomnia.
One thing that is noticeable is that as this high builds over time, the clear mindedness stays which is very pleasant. I feel so chilled, but still capable of doing anything which is rad!
So, overall I have to say this is one of my favourite indica strains that I’ve had in a while. I think the grower would have played a big part in this, as the strain is one of the cleanest smokes that I can remember. The sweet doughy flavour is lovely, even if a little bit subtle.
Whats going on guys, Ernest Herb here with the latest, Purple Cookies strain review. Today we are looking at some lovely Purple Cookies acquired from La Kalada which is fitting as we have not long been back from Spain after our Spannabis trip.
The smoke is very clean and smooth, and there isn’t any harshness at all. I have to say, I struggle to find many indica’s that I really like as much a my favourite sativa strains. However, this really its up there in regards to flavour. The creamy smooth dough flavour, with a hint of floral sweetness is right up my street!

Initially when inhaling, first tastes are sweet but not in correspondence to the smell. This then moves on to more of doughy flavour, and you start to realise you can really taste the cookies in this particular strain. On the exhale, there a hints of spice and pine that kinda reminds me of emulsion paint… But in a good way!

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