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purple alien og seeds

Purple alien og seeds

On that note, Alien OG shares a philosophical mindset that makes way either for great low-key conversations with friends, or alone floating in an introspective space. Either way, it’s complemented by Alien Kush’s easygoing body-tingling sensations.

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To maximize the yields of each bud, using a hydroponic or soil medium will do the trick, although this plant may need more nutrients than usual. Furthermore, taking it indoors should have a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks with a yield of 300 grams per square meter.

While beginners are free to dabble with this ganja, it should still be taken with caution unless they want to feel happily motionless for the rest of the night.
A relatively easy plant to grow, Purple Alien OG’s light hardiness make it a rather smooth experience for growers. Leaning on a short to medium height of 165 cm with a bushy stature makes this manageable in restricted spaces indoors, and can also be well-adjusted to an outdoor set-up.
In worse scenarios, feelings of paranoia or anxiety may even rise. As such, smoke in moderate amounts to have an enjoyable high.
Clear-headed and languidly focused, this bud is best lit up for leisurely moments such as listening to their top ten list on Spotify, binging on visually stimulating episodes on Netflix or simply spacing out. There are wisps of creative inspiration that follows, but users will find it rather difficult to lift a finger.
For one, a gentle boost in energy is enough to ease symptoms of fatigue. Moreover, it clears away the extra baggage of stress in the mind, making more space for smokers to simply relax and let positive vibrations take over. As such, even those with depression may find their mood to soar up.

As breathtaking as a passing UFO, anyone who claims to have spotted one of Purple Alien OG will become a head-turner as it is truly a rare sight. Despite the difficulty of snagging one of these out-of-this-world strains, its high leaves a lasting impact in the cannabis community.

As rare as a UFO sighting, Purple Alien OG leaves a lasting impact in the community with its deeply grounding body high and over-the-moon euphoria.