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pure strains

Pure strains

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain with a functional and uplifting high similar to that of Thai weed. It is a highly socializing strain and can be pretty giggly, apt for sharing with companions and enjoying at gatherings and parties. Though there are several hybrid varieties of this strain available, the original weed is a real inbred line and never crossed. This lanky, tall plant has purple or dark brown pistils with a distinctive liquorice flavor. The buds are heavy and long, making for a good production.
Published : 11/4/2014 12:17:12
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G13 Haze
A pure sativa strain, Purple Power certainly has all the characteristics of one in this category. It is produced to remain more stable in wetter, cooler climates while still retaining the high produce and distinctive purpose color. When grown under the right conditions, it is capable of producing more than 1,000 grams per plant in tropical regions. The kind of high Purple Power produces is a pure sativa buzz, which is social and leaves the smoker open for creative ideas.
Jack Herer
Usually, people looking for a deep feeling of relaxation opt for indica strains, while those seeking an uplifting and energetic sense favor sativa strains. This is a basic guide meant for those who are looking for the best sativa strains.
Jack Herer is a very popular cannabis strain for a very long time now and even today it is on the top in the list of best sativa strains among smokers and growers alike. Having long fingered, narrow leaves, this strain produces frosty and dense buds thick with resin. It is a little more difficult to cultivate this when compared to several other marijuana plants. This plant loves to grow tall and needs lots of patience during the flowering stage. Thismedicinal grade marijuana is on top of the list for connoisseurs.

Purple Power

Today, there are several individuals who smoke marijuana across the world and cannabis cultivators are on the rise.

Pure strains

Night Queen: Another strain originating from Afghanistan, this beauty was exported to Amsterdam by the Dutch Passion team in the 80s to later evolve it through natural selection. Like all good Afghan strains, it has a high resin production and extremely fat, dense buds that are covered in a colorful layer of resin trichomes. Some consumers say that its effects are deeply strong, relaxing the body so much that you’ll wake up without remembering having fallen asleep.

Deep Chunk: This is a strain that also comes from Pakistan, and was exported to California in the 90’s, where a few specimens were selected to keep this amazing strain’s heritage alive. It’s characterized by its dense smoke that has a very pleasing taste, extremely characteristic in every strain that’s a descendant of this amazing plant. It also produces a rather large quantity of resin, although this strain is used mostly for gas extractions.
Mr. Nice G13 x Hash Plant: These precious plants have an incredible taste, born from the cross of two of the most resinous plants ever, G13 and Hash Plant. It’s unsure where the G13 comes from, although it’s known that it was illegally taken from an American government site. This hybrid has a spectacular amount of resin as well as some unbelievably high THC levels. It has a quite peculiar taste, similar to cedar wood, making the resin stand out even more.

Double Glock: This precious, young strain was developed in Spain after sorting through a selection of Afghan seeds that were similar in some ways but extremely different in others. The resulting strain is more stable, uniform and productive than most hybrids on the market right now. Its buds are quite sticky and rock-hard, with a thick layer of resin covering them from top to bottom.
Crosses are done to give these plants some amazing characteristics like more resin, reducing flowering times and increasing relaxing effects. Strains with indica genes generally tend to share some characteristics; they tend to have a small, strong and compact structure, as well as having a high resin production rate; their branches are strong, resistant and have a short distance between nodes; their yield tends to be high, fast, and theit buds are much more compact than their sativa sisters.
Mazar: This strain was born in the 80s from a cross between a potent Afghan and a Skunk strain, conserving its 100% indica lineage. It was modified again in 1997 to feminize this strain’s seeds, which in turn made this strain its seed bank’s most sold seed. It grows compact, resinous buds that make it a favorite in certain areas due to its taste. This champion seed has won various prizes, like first place in the Forte Bologna cup in 2008, second place in High Times 1999 and second place in Highlife 2002.
Pure indica strains have evolved a whole lot as time has gone by; many banks have done a lot of crossings and phenotype selections in order to find the perfect strain. Nowadays there are thousands of hybrids made from indicas and sativas with a wide range of different properties that can easily meet the needs of any consumer. Today we’re going to talk about pure indica strains that can grow wild in various places across the world and have also been created by breeders, offering strains that are 100% indica.
Hindu Kush: These plants wild in the Hindu Kush valley, a mountain range in the Himalaya’s that covers half of Afghanistan, extending all the way to the Pakistani borders, and from India to China, hence the name. This strain has been used for thousands of years due to its spectacular effects and taste, and it’s not even a hybrid or a crossed strain. Its high CBD-THC levels make for an intense and vivacious effect, combined with a mental state of mind full of peace and clarity.

Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions. It was imported to Spain in the 90’s, and since then it has been used to make hundreds of hybrids, so a whole lot of strains have PCK’s genes in them. Its resistance to extreme rain and cold climates is a lot higher than many strains, allowing it to finish the flowering period even without the necessary amount of light.

Pure indica strains offer a large yield in a short period of time, as well as relaxing and medicinal effects through large quantities of resin.