Pure Indica Cannabis Seeds

Want the best Indica strains for sale? Here are the STRONGEST marijuana seeds you can buy online (Heavy 100% pure Indica options + sweet DEALS available). Buy Pure Indica marijuana seeds! Find Fem Pure Indica cannabis seeds for sale online from I49 Seed Bank. Get Indica Pure weed seeds now. 1-888-441-4949 For years, pure Indica seeds have provided cannabis users with a wide range of effects, and now you can comfortably cultivate them in your garden.

10 Best Indica Seeds: Strongest Weed Strains for Sale Online (USA Shipping)

Looking to buy Indica seeds online and avoid the typical trial and error?

(Ie killing all your seeds, getting angry, crying, trying again, getting angry again…)

Well, that’s exactly what we wrote this article for.

We’ll talk about the best Indica seeds for relaxation, ease of growth, high yields (up to 700g), beginner-friendly strains, and more − all this from reputable seed banks so you can get them fast.

And because we know you have the attention span of a goldfish… (No offense)

Let’s get right to it!

Best Cannabis Indica Seeds for Sale: First Look

    − Best Indica seeds overall (23 oz) − Beginner-friendly Indica strain − Auto-flowering Indica seeds (no light cycle) − 100% pure Indica seeds − Easy outdoor growing with a fruity taste − High yield up to 700g per plant − Potent Indica dominant hybrid − Best Indica seeds for experienced cultivators − Super high 33% THC content − Top cannabis strain for creativity

1. Gold Leaf Indica (ILGM) – Best Indica Strain Seeds Overall

For the ultimate Indica cannabis connoisseurs, you might want a strain that makes you feel relaxed without being lazy, and Gold Leaf seems to play to that tune.

While she’s largely Indica, her significant cannabis Sativa side gives you uplifting sensations, making her a great strain to take at any moment − day or night.

In addition, the highly potent feminized seeds have steady growth, and that plays a big role in giving you dense buds and a decent yield.

Did I say “decent” yield?

Oops, I meant huge indoor yields of up to 23 oz per 3×3 ft. Along with this, you can also cultivate it outside in a variety of climates, so it’ll probably do well in your area.

While growing Gold Leaf Indica seeds is pretty simple, beginners might need some knowledge around pruning and cropping for a maximized yield.

But don’t worry if you’re coming in green, the ILGM website has extensive growth guides to help you make the right choices.

2. Black Indica (Crop King Seeds) – Best Indica Seeds for Beginners

The Black Indica strain is a boon for beginners for its easy growing difficulty and mild high (more on that below)

The seeds can yield as much as 400 g per plant, and they originate in the US, which means they can survive the harsh winters that may come around too.

Additionally, the Indica dominant strain is famous for its highly resinous buds, setting it as a top option for concentrated weed extracts.

Remember I said “mild high”?

Well, with a moderate THC content of around 13%, Black Indica is a perfect choice for beginners or sensitive people. It kicks in fast and gives you a mild euphoric punch that’s ideal for socializing.

In addition, many people use Black Indica for its potential medicinal properties, such as stress relief, pain relief, and insomnia.

3. Skywalker OG Auto (Seedsman) – Top Indica Weed Seeds for a Strong High

For those of you with a high tolerance, Skywalker OG autoflowering Indica seeds will provide a strong stoned feeling.

With its high 23% THC content and being 75% Indica, expect the high to be soothing, relaxing, and more of a “couch-lock” than other strains.

First time growing indoors?

Well, as the name suggests, these are auto-flowering seeds − which means you won’t have to worry about light cycles. In other words, you’ll avoid 80% of rookie mistakes.

And if you’re growing outdoors, auto-flowering means you won’t have to wait until the next season (provided the weather is not too cold) to grow your plant.

Speaking about waiting…

You will have to wait a few weeks longer than usual (11, to be precise) to get your buds. But I’d say it’s well worth it since you can get up to 650g per square meter.

To add on, the Skywalker OG Auto feminized seeds have a fulfilling topical fruit taste to add an extra dimension of fun.

Finally, Skywalker OG Indica cannabis seeds appear to have very few duds − with many customers reporting 100% germination rates.

4. Granddaddy Purple (ILGM) – Pure 100% Indica Marijuana Seeds

Nothing tops Granddaddy’s ability to give you a 100% Indica adventure.

Along with the classic Indica perk, these pure Indica seeds boast powerful THC levels at 23% to give you a deep relaxing buzz.

Because of its heavy therapeutic effects, Granddaddy Purple can be a great strain for chronic pain relief and cooling those nerves.

But what about ease of growth?

Well, these feminized seeds are not only easy to nurture − they’re quite disease-resistant too, which means you can grow them outdoors without much experience.

You’ll know when they’re ready for harvest because of their dense buds with beautiful purple and red hairs.

Finally, if you’re a new user − please go slow on the strain to avoid possible side effects like a dry mouth. And no, this won’t be easy because of the delicious berry and grape flavors.

5. Blue Cookies (Crop King Seeds) – Best Indica Seeds for Fruity Flavors

For those that want a relaxing yet balanced high, Blue Cookies feminized seeds have you in mind.

This strain combines a body and head-high feeling to make you feel happy and chill, without affecting much of your productivity.

But make no mistake − this strain also has a powerful THC level of 20%, so you’ll feel the effects quickly.

Well, like Black Indica, Blue Cookies originates from the US, so it’s suitable for outdoor growing in most parts of the country.

Of course, you can also grow the strain indoors, and you could get up to 550g per plant.

Your reward? beautiful frosty buds with a mouthwatering blueberry aroma.

6. Watermelon Zkittlez Auto (Seedsman) – High-Yielding Indica Seed Strains

With the ability to yield between 550-700 g per plant, Watermelon Zkittlez cannabis seeds are a go-to option if you want the maximum harvest possible.

Of course, the highest yield will only be for experienced Indica growers that use low-stress training techniques…

But even beginners can choose the strain as it can almost look after itself.

Auto-flowering? Yes.

Like Skywalker OG Auto, this strain can be grown all year round (as long as it’s not too cold) and without a specific light cycle.

But let’s talk about potency.

With a 26% THC level, the Indica-dominant hybrid seeds should give you potent euphoric and calming benefits.

The effects are long-lasting, and because of the good balance between Indica and Sativa, you should remain able to perform.

Finally, these Indica plants give a sweet watermelon flavor with berry hints, which is perfect if you’re not fond of the typical pungent taste.

7. Super Skunk (ILGM) – Fast Indica-dominant Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

As far as Indica dominant strains are concerned, Super Skunk strives to give you one of the purest Indica journeys being 80% Indica.

Furthermore, she’s pretty easy to grow and high-yielding (up to 21 oz per 3×3 ft indoors).

But unlike most high-yielding seeds, Super Skunk Feminized Seeds take as little as 8 weeks to grow, so you don’t have to wait for long to reap her benefits.

The only thing is she has a strong skunk smell, so it’s not the most discreet strain.

On the positive, the seed strain goes all out on potency and would give you pleasant upbeat benefits followed by a full-body high for extensive relaxation.

Finally, the strain is currently available as a Buy 10 Get 10 Free deal on ILGM, although I’m not sure how long it will last.

8. Gelato (Rocket Seeds) – Best Cannabis Indica Seeds for Experienced Growers

High risk, high reward…

That’s the beauty of the Gelato feminized seeds.

The cannabis seeds aren’t particularly easy to grow, but if you fancy the challenge and give her the attention she deserves, you’re in for a flourished yield of up to 700g per plant.

Even more, unlike most Indica-dominant strains that give a “couch-lock…

This one is actually a balanced Indica-dominant hybrid at 55% Indica and 45% Indica. This means that you can relax and still be able to get stuff done.

Nope. With a huge 27% THC content, the Gelato feminized seeds are meant for experienced users − perfect for socializing or doing some yard work.

Best of all? Like Super Skunk, this plant gives you a high yield in record time − as little as 8 weeks.

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9. Grandmommy Purple (Herbies Seeds) – Strongest Indica Strain

Everyone loves their grandma, but this has to be the best grandmother of all…

With up to 33% THC, Grandmommy Purple seeds are one of our favorite Indica strains to get a mighty punch.

Not to mention the seeds are 80% Indica… which means you’re in for strong full-body sedation or “couch-lock”. Remember to tell everyone you’ll be unavailable for a few hours.

Suffice to say, if you have a low marijuana tolerance, you want to go easy on this strain.

Along with all its pros, an inexperienced grower will have a shot at a decent yield with Grandma, and in 8-10 weeks, you’ll be having fun with the wild berry bud flavors.

10. White Widow (ILGM) – Best Indica Seeds for a Mental Buzz

Nothing beats an easy-to-grow and high-yielding strain, and ILGM’s White Widow feminized Indica seeds check those boxes.

Moreover, this popular Indica strain can give an uplifting and mental buzz, which can help ignite your creative juices.

What about taste?

Well, White Widow is a great balance between an earthy taste and sweet, fruity notes − which means everyone generally likes it.

Finally, these seeds can grow in a variety of climates (Mediterranean, Steppe, Temperate…), which means they’re great for almost all US states.

How To Buy the Best Indica Marijuana Seeds

Buy From a Reputable Seed Bank

The first natural step of getting high-quality Indica seeds online is to choose an esteemed seed bank from the onset.

This is because the best seed banks usually have a keen interest in picking the finest seed genetics to give their customer a very high germination rate, and often a germination guarantee too.

So, to make sure that you choose a top-rated seed bank, you could check product review sites like Reddit and Quora to gauge a seed bank’s reputation.

What’s Your Breeding Experience?

It’s also important that you choose Indica pot seeds that are within your breeding knowledge. You don’t want to get stuck with a hard-to-grow Indica strain and see your investment die off.

Thus, you want to check the seed description to see how much work you have to put in towards the cultivation of a specific seed.

For new cultivators, you want to go with easy or moderate grow level difficulties while experienced breeders can take the challenge of a difficult-to-grow strain for the biggest possible yield.

Choose the Best Seeds for Your Climate

Unless you’re growing indoors, you should choose popular Indica strains tailored to your climate to create an environment for success.

It’s quite helpful that vendors often state the best climate that their seeds grow in.

With this in mind, when shopping for Indica cannabis seeds, view their description to make sure that their optimal environment aligns with the climate around where you live.

Review the Seeds’ Yield Potential

Again, cannabis Indica seeds give varied yields, generally depending on flowering time (the longer, the higher yield) and difficulty.

A high yield sits anywhere above 500g per plant, while a yield potential of 450g a plant could still be a good yield for a beginner strain.

Do You Want High THC or High CBD Seeds?

Depending on your goals, you want to go for either high THC or high CBD cannabis strains.

If you wish for a fun and relaxing Indica strain then you want to go with a high THC strain to get a potent casual yet still therapeutic strain.

On the other side, if you’re set on the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis, then high CBD Indica strains are the best option for you.

Pure 100% Indica Strains and Hybrids – FAQ

Still have questions about marijuana seeds for sal e ? Read on.

What Are Indica Seeds?

Indica seeds are a type of cannabis seeds that are known to provide calming, sedative effects − often called “body high” or even “couch-lock” for high-potency strains.

That said, only pure Indica strains give you that 100% body high, while Indica-dominant hybrids also give you uplifting effects and a cerebral high.

Are Indica Seeds Bigger Than Sativa Seeds?

Yes, Indica seeds are bigger than Sativa seeds, in general.

Nonetheless, there are a few additional ways to tell Indica and Sativa apart.

For one, Indica weed seeds tend to be multicolored – usually with earth colors like brown and black while their Sativa counterparts typically have an even color.

Also, after the seeds sprout and grow towards maturity, Indica cannabis strains usually grow shorter and bushier while Sativa plants can grow quite tall.

What Strain Is 100% Indica?

The Granddaddy Purple feminized strain is 100% Indica.

With pure Indica genetics and up to 23% THC levels, the Granddaddy Purple feminized cannabis seeds give you a powerful full-body relaxation.

To add, this pure Indica strain is pretty disease-resistant, so it will be easier to grow than other cannabis seeds and plants.

Can You Smoke Indica Seeds?

No, you can’t smoke Indica seeds.

While there have been reports of people crushing Indica seeds into powder and smoking them, this is not advised as Indica seeds might have toxins that may pose a risk to your lungs.

Along with this, Indica seeds alone do not have enough THC to bring about any high effect.

What Is the Strongest Strain of Indica?

The strongest strain of Indica is Grandmommy Purple .

Being 80% Indica with THC levels of up to 33%, Grandmommy Feminized Seeds give a potent calming physical buzz that could last a couple of hours.

What Is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa Seeds?

The difference between Indica and Sativa seeds is that Indica seeds are grown for marijuana’s calming benefits while Sativa seeds are grown for pot’s uplifting effects.

In other words, Sativa strains give a “head” high while pure Indicas give a “body” high.

What Gets You Higher Indica or Sativa?

Indica gets you higher than Sativa.

Indica cannabis seeds tend to give a full-body high while Sativa is most known for giving mental and dreamy highs.

Where Does Indica Grow Best?

Indica grows best outdoors.

This is because Indica plants are generally more resistant to harsh weather and diseases. Even more, natural lighting may help them have a short flowering period.

Still, because Indica marijuana strains grow shorter, they could be great for indoor growing for those that want a bigger yield in a smaller growing space.

Best Indica Seeds and Strains in the USA − Conclusion

You’ve read all the way through but you’re still not sure which Indica strain to choose?

Well, if you’re a beginner, Gold Leaf is perfect for ease of growth, high yields, and good potency.

That said, Black Indica is also a great choice for outdoor growers − particularly if you live in an area with harsh weather.

And for experienced growers looking to maximize their yield − Gelato is a natural choice. With careful attention and using low-stress training techniques, you could get up to 700g per plant.

Now, if you still can’t choose the best Indica marijuana seeds for you…

Then you’re either very indecisive or very stoned.

In which case, just wait a few hours and come back… Everything will make more sense ;).

Disclaimer: This article does not encourage readers to grow marijuana where it is not legal to do so.

Pure Indica Feminized

For supreme relaxation, is there any other strain that can beat Pure Indica? As the name says, it is authentically 100%. The exact lineage is a well-kept secret, but its characteristics cannot be denied. Besides the intensely tranquilizing impact, the plant itself is short, compact, and very easy to grow. In addition, the highly resinous and chunky buds are earthy and sweet, with a touch of fruit mixed in. This strain has a moderate THC level of 14% that is complemented by 1% CBD.


For the novice grower, Indica-heavy strains offer a great many advantages. Pure Indica Fem is one of them – a smallish plant that can fit in almost any size grow space. It has one main cola, although it can grow a few sturdy lateral branches from which additional bud sites can emerge. The intermodal gaps are small, resulting in tightly-packed foliage. It is highly resistant to most bugs and diseases, and it grows fast and furious for an early harvest time.

This strain’s buds are not large compared to others, but they are very dense and aromatic. They are light green in color, extremely resinous, and emit the sweet and loamy bouquet that is the signature of Afghani Indica landraces. Because these nuggets, as well as the foliage, are so compact, the most important thing to watch out for is moisture-related diseases, especially bud rot. But as mentioned, this is not likely to occur unless the relative humidity (RH) is allowed to go higher than 70% in the vegetative stage and 50% during the flowering stage.

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As with all cannabis varietals, the best growing medium to enhance the terpene profile is organic soil. You may also use coco coir or hydroponics. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but this strain can readily adapt to any of them.

Flowering Time

In a controlled setting or indoors, Pure Indica Fem’s flowering stage is a relatively short 7 to 8-week time frame, another marker of its mysterious Indica lineage. Outdoors, the buds can be harvested starting in October. This leaves plenty of time for drying and curing before the winter furlough.


Because this strain has a short stature, a grow room with a high ceiling is not necessary. Left untrained, it will not even exceed 90 cm (35 inches) in height. However, it is recommended that several plants be clustered to maximize the use of space and the yield. This technique is called the Sea of Green (SOG) and is especially suited to leverage the plant’s small size. By placing 7 to 10 plants close together, about 30 cm (1 foot) apart, an average harvest of 200 grams (7 ounces) per square meter can be expected.


In the open air, Pure Indica Fem thrives in warm and sunny climates, although it is hardy enough to withstand cooler temperatures. Breezy conditions are advantageous because the continuous gas exchange boosts growth and the entire plant becomes stronger by growing extra tissues from resisting the wind. It also helps dissipate excess moisture.

That being said, you can lend your crop a hand if the growing area receives minimal air movement. Regularly prune the bottom leaves and the non-essential twigs to encourage better airflow. This also gives you the opportunity to inspect the plant and stop pathogens in their tracks as soon as you see them. If everything goes well, each shrub yields 200 to 300 grams (7 to 11 ounces) of smokable pot.

Medical Application

Whenever a patient goes to a medical marijuana dispensary and says he needs something that relaxes, it is automatic that an Indica strain is the first to be recommended. The Pure Indica strain is an excellent candidate due to its calming effects. It can be used to alleviate anxiety-related disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and panic attacks.

It also has uplifting properties that could ease depression and bipolar disorder. It goes without saying that the profound relaxation helps individuals suffering from insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns, too.

Furthermore, this strain is fortified with 1% CBD, which works together with THC for even more therapeutic benefits. It softens the psychoactive effects of THC, increasing appetite and stopping nausea. This is especially beneficial for patients who have a hard time dealing with chemotherapy and HIV treatment.

Adverse Reactions

Pure Indica’s 14% THC concentration is considered moderate by modern standards, plus it is also tempered by CBD. Nonetheless, overconsumption could cause unpleasant side effects, such as dizziness, paranoia, and heightened anxiety. Light to moderate intake should only cause the usual inevitable reactions: dry mouth and dry eyes. Rehydrate constantly with non-caffeinated drinks and use moisturizing eye drops to relieve these temporary discomforts.


Based on the name alone, you can already predict Pure Indica’s recreational effects. From the first toke, it calms the mind and keeps you in a worry-free state for at least an hour. Some users report a hyperawareness of their surroundings. Colors are more vivid, and sounds are amplified. Even so, it will not make you nervous or jittery. The impact is more of a peaceful observation of the wondrous things around you.

Gradually, the effect on the body starts to manifest. A feeling of lethargy spreads from head to toe. The experience is not oppressive or heavy. Instead, your limbs and torso will feel light as feathers. At this point, it is up to you if you wish to revel in the euphoria or go to bed.

Because of this weed’s superb aroma and flavor, you might be tempted to take one drag after another in quick succession. Be warned that if you do so, it will knock you right out. This would be a pity since you will miss out on the extremely pleasurable experience.


Due to its ocimene content, this strain’s aroma is sweet and herbaceous. It carries the smell of damp earth covered with moss. It is not particularly pungent or hash-like, although it is still unmistakably ganja.


As you smoke Pure Indica, the unexpected flavor of mixed fruits coats your tongue. That is because ocimene also imparts a citrusy taste. Upon the exhale, a bit of spice will tickle your lips.

Similar Strains

There are other 100% or very close to 100% Indica seeds available at i49 if you want to bulk up your collection of ultra-relaxing weed. Some of them also have illustrious lineages and long histories. Hindu Kush Fem, for instance, originated from the wild mountain valleys of the Himalayas, extending from Afghanistan to Pakistan. This landrace strain has been in use for thousands of years, and its seeds are still popular due to the high 22 to 32% THC content.

Another favorite around the world is Northern Lights Fem. This 95% Indica delivers deep and blissful relaxation like no other, capturing the experience of gazing at the Aurora Borealis. The colorful buds carry the refreshing aroma of pine needles, the better to evoke the serenity of nature. With 18% THC inherited from its Afghani ancestor, it is the go-to strain for managing stress, pain, and anxiety.

Mazar Fem also has Afghan genes, with Skunk #1 thrown into the mix. It is known for its mildly skunky yet sweet and spicy aroma that is strangely alluring. This Indica-heavy hybrid has won numerous awards, including the top prize at the 2008 Cannabis Tipo Forte Fair in Bologna, Italy. Like its cousins, this plant only grows to a moderate height, maxing out at 180 cm (70 inches) outdoors, where it can produce up to 450 grams (16 ounces) of pungent weed.

Or, perhaps you wish to augment your stash with energizing Sativas. Batting for this side is Neville’s Haze Fem, a cross between Haze and Northern Lights #5. The resulting plant is almost pure Sativa and can stretch to a towering 4 meters (13 feet) in height. The flowering time is also quite lengthy at 10 to 14 weeks. Nevertheless, the generous 650 to 800-gram yield (23 to 28 ounces) of stimulating and motivating pot is worth the care you put into it.

For a balanced effect, though, go for Gorilla Glue Lemon Fem. The Sativa genes from Lemon Haze add a lively kick to the sleepy high of Gorilla Glue #4. The first toke is uplifting and energizing, and the giddy euphoria will make you believe that you can take on the world. But soon, a numbing sensation spreads from the neck down to the extremities, ultimately ending in couch-lock. The physical tranquility is complemented by a cheerful state of mind – a mash-up that makes this strain beloved by many enthusiasts.

Pure Indica Seeds

For years, pure Indica seeds have provided cannabis users with a wide range of effects. These Landrace Indica strains have traveled across the globe, and now you can comfortably cultivate them in your garden. Cannabis growers are now afforded a wide variety of pure Indica cannabis seeds to choose from, depending on their need. Read on to find out why you should grow pure indica seeds in your garden.

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Pure Indica Seeds

Showing all 7 results

  • THC 15% – 18%
  • CBD 2%
  • THC 16% – 19%
  • CBD 1%
  • THC 15% – 18%
  • CBD 0.1%
  • THC 20% – 27%
  • CBD 0.2%
  • THC 17% – 20%
  • CBD 1%
  • THC 15% – 19%
  • CBD 0.6%
  • THC 18% – 22%
  • CBD 1%

Table of content

What Are Pure Indica Seeds?

These are seeds with 100% Indica genetics. Most Pure Indica strains have been developed by breeders and can grow in various places across the globe.

The cross is made to achieve a pure Indica phenotype with outstanding characteristics such as more reduced, shortened flowering time, and enhanced potency. Pure Indica cannabis seeds give rise to strong medium-sized plants with a compact structure. They have sturdy branches to support the dense and compact buds packed with an enormous amount of resin. Pure Indica seeds are high-yielding strains.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Pure Indica Seeds?

You will find thousand of pure Indica seeds online with different characteristics and exponential. Each cannabis grower has varying reasons for choosing pure Indica weed seeds to grow. Therefore, when you are looking for pure Indica seeds for sale, you must understand what to look for, as this will help you choose the best pure Indica strains.

Below are some features to look out for:


If you are looking to grow potent cannabis strains, you’ve hit the jackpot with Pure Indica seeds because most of these landrace strains are unanimously potent with high THC content.

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If you browse online, you will find that most of the strains with high THC levels are pure Indica cannabis seeds. So buy pure Indica seeds that meet your cannabinoid requirements and all your specifications.

Terpene Profile

Your pure Indica seeds’ terpene profile is significant as it influences your buds’ aroma and flavors, which range from sweet, earthy, piney, woodsy, and sometimes spicy.

Always check the terpene profile before you buy pure Indica seeds to confirm that the buds’ fragrance and taste are precisely what you are after.

Growth Difficulty

Depending on your experience, Pure Indica seeds’ growth difficulty can make or break your green herbs garden. Therefore, choose pure Indica weed seeds that match your experience. Fortunately, most pure Indica marijuana seeds are either easy or require average expertise to grow.

Note that the growing level does not reflect high potency or high yields.

Uniqueness and Preference

Cannabis fanatics love experimenting, and no one can tell you how great it is to be the only one with a rare pure Indica genetic. Furthermore, who doesn’t love unique things? However, keep your personal preferences in mind while searching for that extraordinary breed of pure Indica seeds.


Who doesn’t love having high-yielding plants in the field? Therefore, when looking for pure Indica seeds for sale, pay attention to the yields. You do not want to cultivate a strain that gives you low yields, barely lasting you a few weeks to a month.

Last, we look at the cost of pure Indica marijuana seeds. This comprises the expenses incurred during cannabis cultivation. You can only determine the cost once you find the seeds. Ensure that you find and buy pure Indica seeds that meet your needs.

Where To Grow Pure Indica Seeds?

You can grow pure Indica cannabis seeds either indoors or outdoors. Indoor growing is the best thanks to their small to medium-sized plants; you can use small spaces to the maximum. Their hardy nature and resilience make them also perfect for outdoor growth.

They are easy to grow, and they do not need too much experience to produce noteworthy yields. The best thing about cultivating pure Indica seeds outdoors is that they will give you more yields.

Benefits of Growing Pure Indica Seeds

Cons of Growing Pure Indica Seeds

Top 6 Pure Indica Seeds Recommendations

Hindu Kush

If you are searching for the best Pure Indica weed seeds for your garden, then Hindu Kush seeds are your best bet as they have high THC levels averaging between 15 to 19% and low levels of CBD. This potent strain is a product of Hindu Kush (Landrace strain) and boasts of earthy flavors with magnificent notes of pine.

Hindu Kush is easy to grow and perfect for beginners and thrives in dry climates with low humidity levels. These pure Indica seeds can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and grow into medium-sized plants with a flowering period of 50 to 70 days.

This potent strain produces high yields, with the indoor crop yields averaging between 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft² (450 – 550 g/m²), while outdoor yields range between 19 – 21 oz (550 – 600 gr) per plant.

Black Domina

Black Domina is a 100% Indica strain that provides its users with a powerful, physical high that overpowers your senses and relaxes your body. The strain has a high THC content averaging between 15 – 20% and low levels of CBD.

Black Domina is a product of Afghan, Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Ortega Indica. Before its effects hit you, you get to enjoy its fruity and sweet flavor with notes of pineapple and berries.

If you want to grow this powerful strain, you can buy pure Indica seeds online on Dutch Seeds Shop website. This strain enjoys both indoor and outdoor settings and grows into a medium-sized plant. Black Domina pure Indica seeds thrive in a sunny and Mediterranean climate and have a short flowering 60 – 65 days.

These are high yield seeds, as indoor crop produces about 1.8 – 2 oz/ft² (550 – 600 g/m²), while outdoor crops yield approximately 24 oz (700 gr) per plant. Overall, we believe you should add Black Domina to your garden. You can find these pure Indica seeds for sale on our online seed bank throughout the season.

Purple Kush

Consider adding these Purple Kush seeds in your garden, as they contain all the great qualities of an Afghani-Kush. Purple Kush lineage comprises Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. It is the most potent pure Indica strain in this list as it boasts a THC content of 17 – 27% and low levels of CBD. This sweet and earthy flavored strain gives its users a relaxed and euphoric high that leaves you locked to your couch.

Growers of this strain enjoy a short growth and a brief flowering period of 56 days. You need moderate skills to grow this beautiful bud, and the good thing is that it excels in indoor and outdoor settings.

Outdoor Purple Kush requires a mild climate and produces high yields. In an indoor setting, plants will produce 1.6 oz/ft² (500 g/m²) and outdoor yields are roughly 26 oz (800 gr) per plant.

Alien Technology

Alien Technology is a pure Indica strain that originated from Afghanistan. It is a pure inbred Afghani landrace strain. The best part about these pure Indica marijuana seeds is that they are ideal for beginners and pro growers. This strain thrives in mild climates and grows into a medium-sized plant. You can enjoy this beautiful bud in as little as 60 – 65 days.

Alien Technology is packed with everything that a cannabis grower needs, including high yields, sweet, earthy, and woodsy flavors, and a mind-blowing high that lasts up to 6 hours. Alien Technology seeds are high THC seeds as the THC levels range between 16 to 19%. It has low levels of CBD.

Indoor-grown Alien Technology yields about 1.1 – 1.5 oz/ft² (350 – 450 g/m²), while outdoor yields are approximately 16 oz (450 gr) per plant. Don’t hesitate once you find the best Alien Technology pure Indica seeds for sale as they go out of stock fast.

Northern Lights x Big Bud

Northern Lights x Big Bud is a pure Indica strain that boasts high yields and ease in maintenance. By Crossing Northern Lights with Big Bud, cannabis growers enjoy a short flowering time of 56 – 60 days.

These pure Indica seeds can be cultivated in temperate, arid, Mediterranean climates, and they have a fast growth rate. Northern Lights x Big Bud feminized seeds develop into a medium-sized plant that has pretty high yields. Indoor yields about 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft² (400 – 550 g/m²), while outdoor yields range from 28 – 42 oz (800 – 1200 gr) per plant.

The sweet, herbal, and spicy flavors make smoking this strain a delight. This strain is found in this list of Pure Indica cannabis seeds because of its high THC content of 17 – 20% that gives its users a relaxing and sedating high.

Northern Lights x Big Bud is the highest-yielding pure Indica weed seeds on this list, so what are you waiting for? Prepare a visa card, buy pure Indica seeds from us, and get planting.

Northern Light

If you want the best pure Indica cannabis seeds, Northern Light is your answer. It is made by crossing Afghani and Thai. There is no better feeling than looking at the Northern Light crop as the seeds give rise to medium-sized plants with resinous and crystalline buds that look like the actual northern lights.

Although it performs in indoor and outdoor environments, this pure Indica strain grows best indoors, with a flowering time of 49 to 63 days. Outdoors, these pure Indica marijuana seeds are easy to grow and perform well in warm and sunny climates. Northern Light seeds reward cannabis growers with pretty decent yields. Indoors yields are 1.6 oz/ft² (500 g/m²) and outdoor yields sum up to 32 oz (900 gr) per plant.

Consumers love this strain because of its sweet, woodsy, and spicy flavor profile and the THC content of 14 – 17%. Northern Lights gives its users a euphoric and relaxed high that starts in the head and mellows into the body, thus couchlocking you.

If you want to grow this stunning strain, you can find Northern Lights Pure Indica seeds for sale in our catalog throughout the year.

Final Thoughts on Pure Indica Seeds

We have provided you with the best pure Indica seeds in the market today.

The strains discussed above have different characteristics, so choose according to your need. But irrespective of which seeds you choose, your experience will exceed your expectations.