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Not all munchie treats need send you into a diabetic coma. For a healthier post smoke nosh, try Noosa creamy pumpkin yogurt (made from real pumpkin) and now as part of their Noosa Mates packaging, you can top it with crunchy granola combined with white chocolate chips and pumpkin seeds (and Smashmallows if you wish). Perfect for the pot and pilates consumer.

There are as many types of pumpkin spice lovers as there are fans of bud. And fortunately, there is a readily available munchie for every type of pumpkin and pot lover. Here are some strains paired with an assortment of items ranging from the Starbucks’ drink that started it all to traditional munchie cravings, healthful options, along with posh and luxe delights to fulfill your crisp fall cravings.
Rich and royal as one might expect, Godiva’s take on pumpkin spice season is a sophisticated truffle filled with spicy ganache and coated in their famous premium milk chocolate. These spendy little gems are quite controversial among pumpkin spice heads — either receiving a five star or no star review from Godiva fans. They are poised to become your $$ addiction or a great story about the biggest disappointment (the word vomit is used in more than one review) of your pumpkin life depending on your palette. It’s like “the dress” for your taste buds. How will it taste? Are you ready to fight about it?

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got good old cereal full of sugar and not giving AF, it ranks among the most beloved munchables of all time … And now you’ve got “the spice” in the mix.
Consume on their own or use as a complementary garnish for nearly everything on this list. Try them on top of your latte, ice cream, yogurt, or cereal. Smashmallow artisan marshmallows are square cut wonders of pumpkin pie flavor. Buy two bags. Once you’ve popped one of these melt-in-your-mouth marvels that have not only an intriguing taste, but texture as well, they’ll be gone before you can put them on top of everything else.
Obviously, we don’t want to step on an already perfected recipe, so enhancing it with the sweet vanilla and earthy notes in popular hybrid Ice Cream seems the perfect combo. Much like the flavor itself, Ice Cream the strain (or variations of it) are fairly easy to find. This one leans slightly indica, so you’ll be ready for that warm blanket and some cozy TV time.
The drink that launched a thousand punchlines, Starbucks unapologetically moved up their launch date this year to late August because they know you need that extra month of spicy goodness. To make the most of “Spice Season” Starbucks has even crafted pumpkin spice cookie straws to double down on it’s most popular fall flavor for its 15th anniversary.
Let’s just get this out of the way: Yes. They’re Grrrrrreeaat! Some might say it’s the greatest thing to happen to pumpkins since Charlie Brown and his gang. Whether you munch dry or with your preferred choice of milk, it’s a sweet way to start your morning or cap off the evening as a midnight snack.

Making its debut in 2007, B&J’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream may not have been the first product at the pumpkin spice rodeo but its popularity has made it a mainstay. Unlike other “pumpkin” products, B&J’s use actual pumpkin to get its unique flavor, which when swirled with fresh dairy cheesecake and graham cracker ribbons, it becomes as its creator Eric Fredette describes, “A perfect comfort food. It’s like a warm blanket on a cool autumn day, with falling leaves and the crisp smell of fall.”

We paired some strains with pumpkin spice things—from the PSL that started it all, to traditional munchies, healthful options, plus posh and luxe delights to fulfill your crisp fall cravings.