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puff puff pass quotes

What do you got?

Did you get it checked out?
In the Rehab office – Heavens House: Speaking of whitch – STD’s?

Oh god, 4 or 5 years ago?
It’s hard to say, there’s so many great ones. Ecstacy is pretty damn good, altough coke is solid. You know it’s consistant. But pot, i mean pot’s the main stay, You know, the baseline, the old friend.
No, im serious
Leans forward: I once had the skin on my entire ballbag peeled of in one piece.
Shocked: When was this?

Your favorite drug, we, we just like to know.

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00:51:44 You know, he’s right about that. You know, ’cause we know a lot about advertising.

00:17:54 Tiny classified ads.
00:55:12 Right. We have a ”tiny classified ads” business.

00:17:46 -You’re gonna sell drugs again? -No.
00:00:30 That’s right.
00:17:50 lt’s tiny classified ads.
00:55:10 correct me if l’m wrong, but you’re the small-business owners, right?
00:03:54 Yeah, it’s a ”tiny classified ads” business.

00:00:18 . and it was just as easy as.

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