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pot of gold weed

Pot of gold weed

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On that note, it takes a flowering time of about 8 to 9 weeks. When properly taken care of, it produces an average yield of 500 grams per square meter.
On the bright side, its bushy growth and short height of 120 cm make it perfect for an indoor setup. Due to the rather dense buds, pruning the lower nodes is required to stimulate a better airflow. Moreover, it prefers to be grown organically in soil.

Meanwhile, outdoor cultivation should be ready for harvest by the middle to late October with a bountiful yield of 900 grams per plant. That’s enough to stash for a year, making the whole process truly worth it in the end.
Floating in a sea of euphoric sensations, users are free for some lazy contemplation and meandering creative thinking. However, due to the numbing effects that are gradually taking hold, putting all the ideas into action would be a difficult feat as the body becomes heavily stoned.
by Bonza · Published November 8, 2018 · Updated December 17, 2019
Finally, as mentioned above, a sedative buzz wraps both body and mind in a comforting embrace. Soon, even those with insomniacs will find the heaviness in their eyes impossible to resist.
As it tapers off into a deep sense of relaxation, users are plunged into a sedative pool that can possibly sink even veterans to the couch. Of course, since it stimulates sleep, it goes without saying that this Pot of Gold is really best enjoyed as a satisfying ender for the day.

Boasting of a slow mounting high, this strain really takes its smokers in cerebral skies on the onset. Despite its rather low Sativa content, it delivers a robustness that is strong enough to boost the spirit and clear the fogginess in the mind.

Truly a rewarding strain to have, a Pot of Gold is certainly something worth finding at the end of a rather dull and strenuous day at work.