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platinum wreck strain

Platinum wreck strain
With its high 16% average THC level, these effects make Platinum Wreck brilliant ideal for treating inattentiveness, migraines or headaches, chronic pain, and chronic stress or anxiety. Platinum Wreck can reverse a lack of appetite, which is especially useful for cancer users who struggle to uphold a healthy appetite amidst cancer treatments and radiation. In case you suffer from muscle spasms and require some help reducing the inflammations causing them, then this plant can definitely help you with that.
The taste profile is just as intoxicating, with sweet citrus and earth accented by tangy Granny Smith Apple on each smooth exhale. Almost right after you taste the last bit of apple, you’ll feel a transcending rush of focus and energy that lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling creative and giggly. To add, Platinum Wreck incorporates a couple of unusual flavors that have turned it into a hot ticket item, due to its uniqueness. This bud tastes like sour apple mixed with lemons, and will make the best of your tongue tingle in delight. Its earthy and woody accents complete this plant’s unusual flavors, and complement them very well.
You will typically find Platinum Wreck with an average THC content of 16% and a CBD content of 1%.
Platinum Wreck, a sour smelling plant that will instantly wake you up with a fresh hit of zest. This earthy and herbal bud has a scent that will envelop any time once you come within meters of it, and includes a citrus and pine fragrance that is invigorating all of the way.
Platinum Wreck grown outdoor normally grows while in the late summer and well into the middle of October, which is any time it should be willing to be harvested. This bud can harvest around 18 ounces of bud per plant cultivated. Platinum Wreck grown inside can harvest an estimated average of about 17 ounces of however per square meter planted. This cannabis strain takes an average of 8 to 9 weeks in order for it to be ready for a harvest.
Platinum Wreck can be quite powerful in nature, also it is common to experience a couple of side effects once smoking this cannabis strain. You tend to be very likely to feel a little bit anxious once simultaneously enjoying this cannabis strain, as it might could make you feel a little bit jumpy and alert at times. This sativa dominant strain can also make your mouth and eyes feel dry parched, and you also will feel thirsty any time smoking this plant. Platinum Wreck can leave you accompanied by a little bit headache, especially at the end of your high, so usually you’re bound to experience a bit of dizziness as well.
Platinum Wreck is best suited or a sunny and warm Mediterranean climate. It is a forgiving plant to grow based on its resistance to mold and mildew
This cute plant is specked with frosty trichomes and crystals, and is a tangy and sour smelling variant. Platinum Wreck features a unique apple taste profile that it is prominent for, and contains a reasonable quantity of THC, making it enjoyable for both inexperienced patients, along with veteran smokers. Like its Platinum predecessor, Platinum Wreck incorporates an unbelievably gorgeous appearance – each elegantly tapered nug is fully coated in a heavy frosty layer of tiny silver crystal trichomes.
Platinum Wreck is a sativa dominant hybrid 70% sativa and 30% indica strain created through crossing the insanely potent Platinum OG with Trainwreck strains.
Platinum Wreck Marijuana Strain Platinum Wreck is a deliciously sour sativa dominant hybrid that is prominent for its stimulating and good-mood inducing properties. No doubt, this strain is