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platinum og kush yield

Platinum og kush yield

This is a very potent weed that’s not too hard to grow, making it suitable for novice as well as experienced gardeners. This Platinum OG Review can recommend this weed if you’re a big fan of a classically potent Indica high.

The has a smell that will remind you of freshly turned earth and pine forests and the flavor includes notes of sweet spice and citrus. The high comes on quickly and it’s a real Indica hit combining heavily stoned physical sensations and very relaxing mental effects. Medical practitioners recommend it for sleeplessness and muscular pain.
If it turns out good, I’ll try growing it indoors this fall.

The Indica dominant Platinum OG strain originates from California and is a cross between three strains; Purps, Master Kush and OG Kush. It gets its name from the glittering crystals that coat the large sticky buds at harvest time.
I planted one of these back on the second weekend of June. I planted it in a 15 gallon pot with some Happy Frog Potting soil outdoors. Within a month and a half it was already flowering. Today I finally harvested. It was beginning to get a few moth worms in it and I didn’t want it to get any worse. I’m not sure of the total weight yet because it’s still wet. But it was well over 5 lbs. wet. Hopefully I’ll get a pound out of it when its dried! It smells good, looks good and the buds are huge.
Very interested to hear about yield per plant in 10 gal indoor Vegging and outdoor flowering:outdoor greenhouse 12/12 na lightg conditions
This strain was really bred with indoor growing in mind but you can grow it outdoors in a climate at least as warm and sunny as the southern Mediterranean.
Indoors, the Platinum OG strain can be grown in soil or hydro and the plants display good resistance to mildew and pests. Flowering time is eight weeks and yields are in the 400 to 500 grams per square metre range.

The plants grow to a medium height with leaves that darken and take on a purple hue as they mature, thanks to the Purps genetics. The buds are exceptionally large and sticky, covered in orange to amber hairs and shiny platinum coloured crystals. THC level is 22 percent.

Comprehensive review of Platinum OG, a weed strain that comes with an exceptionally high THC level, which is noticeable in its classic indica stone.