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planting marijuana seeds directly in soil

Planting marijuana seeds directly in soil

With this method too it’s important to place them in a damp and ventilated environment, at the right temperature.

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Germinating directly in soil is a very frequently-used technique; it’s not necessary to re-pot your plants, and the more fragile plants aren’t disturbed during the growth process. For this method, it’s very important to use top-quality soil (enquire at your local grow shop about the different types of soil for vases).

* You will also need a measuring cup and a stirrer (not included in the Seedkit).
There are several possible ways to germinate Cannabis seeds; here we describe the most important ones. At Royal Queen Seeds, we only sell feminized cannabis seeds, so it’s not necessary to eliminate male plants.
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The Royal Queen Seeds Seedkit contains * :

  1. 250 ml of Seedbooster is exactly enough to germinate ten seeds. Pour it into the measuring cup, taking care to use the exact quantity for the number of plugs. For example, if you want to germinate five seeds, only use half the Seedbooster.
  2. Then add 125 ml warm water (for every 125 ml of Seedbooster). Place the germinating plugs in the container and carefully pour the mix over them, so they will directly absorb the nutrients. Wait a few minutes until all dampness is absorbed. Then, making sure your hands are clean, carefully place your seeds about 5 mm deep in germination seeds. Do this extra carefully and make sure you don’t apply too much pressure on the seeds.
  3. Now place the cover on the box, closing it tightly. This helps create the best climate for germinating, and the seeds should grow more quickly. Keep the container in a warm room, at a temperature of about 20°. Wait five days for germination, then turn the cover 180° in order to create a small opening that allows the plants to breathe fresh air.
  4. Make sure there is always plenty of natural or artificial light. You’ll obtain the best results with fluorescent lamps. (Coolwhite – colour code 33 – gives optimal results).

Germinating with this kit is perfect for a beginner grower who wants an optimal germination for his cannabis seeds.

There are several possible ways to germinate Cannabis seeds here we describe the most important ones.

Planting marijuana seeds directly in soil

To avoid problems, it is best to plant the seeds when the tap-root measures approximately 1cm, or 2cm at the most. This will make it much easier to transplant and we won’t harm the development of the roots, which can be expand into the new growing medium without setbacks.

For this reason, it is advisable to check every day to make sure the germination medium remains moist, especially if a heat source is used to achieve a higher temperature and therefore a better germination rate; the heat will cause the substrate to dry more quickly, something that must be kept in mind to avoid nasty surprises. In case of hydroponic cultivation it is always better to germinate in rock wool cubes, which of course must always remain moist.
Another common mistake, in this case when germinating in kitchen paper or similar, is to let the seed germinate until the cotyledons appear. If we do this, then the subsequent transplant is very difficult, and it is very likely that we’ll damage the root in the attempt. Additionally, the longer the root is exposed to air and light, the more damage will result, so it is preferable to transplant it before this occurs.

So, you should plant the seed with the tip down and the crown uppermost and facing you. Once the seed germinates the crown will serve as a hinge, so that the seed will open at the tip and let out the root. In case of placing the seed incorrectly, the tap root will grow upward and the seedling downwards, which should be avoided at all costs because it is likely that the seedling will not be born.
To avoid these problems it is be best to sow the seed at about 2cm depth. In addition, we can cover the lower stem as the seedling grows, so that it gains stability and produces new roots along the length of stem we have buried. In this way we can accelerate the growth of the plants.
Although the germination of cannabis seeds is a relatively quick and easy process, it is crucial to take into account a series of important factors in order to obtain as high a germination rate as possible. In addition, it’s in our interest that the seeds germinate as quickly as possible, and especially if we want to avoid problems like fungal infection or a low germination rate.
Cannabis seeds germinate correctly with relatively high temperature and humidity values. It will be necessary, especially during some seasons of the year, to use some source of heat to get a temperature of about 26-28ºC. For this purpose there are many options on the market, such as thermal cables or heated greenhouses. The latter are particularly interesting because they also provide the perfect high humidity environment for seed germination.
The ideal is to maintain the germination medium at about 26-28ºC and at 70% relative humidity. Lower values ​​will result in a slower and less successful germination, while higher values ​​can bring fungal or rot problems.

We should plant the seed with the root downwards

5 common mistakes when germinating cannabis seeds How do we germinate cannabis seeds? Although the germination of cannabis seeds is a relatively quick and easy process, it is crucial to take