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pink panties weed strain

Pink panties weed strain

Pink Panties had an array of colors from light green buds to purple around some of the buds. Small orange hairs were all around the bud too,

It was a little white ash with more dark in some spots but no relighting which is always a plus. It could have been flushed just a little bit more in my opinion, and that is where you miss out on being that Top Shelf strain.
Medicating With Pink Panties

The buds were very sticky when squeezed between your fingers. After pulling it apart it left a nice residue and a candy smell on your fingertips . The buds were small and dense, they had a good bud structure on the couple nugs I got. Based on all this I did end up getting an 8th for thinking it was going to be Top Shelf.
I would definitely recommend and repurchase this strain. It definitely gave you the heavy effects for your cannasuers . This would be a personal stash at times.
Pink Panties Strain Before Smoking

  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • relaxation
  • Anti-anxiety

The effect was instant body buzz right away after the first rip. It was a slight head rush but mostly a relaxed feel. The strain was very subtle and also made you want to lay down and cuddle. It was definitely an Indica dominant hybrid.

Upon sparking the joint it had a skittle like taste for a dry hit. Once sparked the first rip packed a punch and made you cough in a good way at first. Pink Panties tasted like skittles and a starburst mix, it was a very exotic tasting strain that I really enjoyed .

Pink Panties is a strong Indica dominant Hybrid that has a cross of Burmese Kush. The Strain has heavy effects on the users who medicate with it.