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pick yo

Choose from over 40 varieties, including our vegetarian options. We’ve handpicked our favourite sweets and we’re always adding more. If you don’t follow us on Instagram yet, you’re mad (literally). We ask our community what they want and we deliver!

This is the ULTIMATE 1KG bag of the finest, freshest sweets in town. We taste test all of them (obviously) and if they don’t meet our Netflix binge expectations they don’t get a look in.
Decide what sweets you want, we’re adding new options all the time.

You get 10 massive scoops per bag, remember it’s 1KG of pick ‘n’ mix!
Forget those small bags of pick ‘n’ mix at the cinema that cost you an arm and a leg. oh and they’re normally stale (sorry not sorry).
Sweets bring people together, especially pick ‘n’ mix. When was the last time you got your mitts on a good bag of sweets? We’re guessing a long time! Fear not, we’re on a mission to deliver awesome pick ‘n’ mix to the nation.
Sit back and wait for us to ship your custom bag direct to your front door.

Choose the type of bag you want and our team of Oompa Loompa’s will get them out to you ASAP. Here’s a quick vid of our sweets.

We sell the finest pick 'n' mix in the land. No more pointless trips to the newsagent. Proper sweets. Delivered direct to your door.