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peacemaker strain

Peacemaker strain

Appearance: Nicely manicured nuggets with a light dusting of trichomes. There are a couple of beautiful long nugs along with an entourage of smaller nugs you won’t feel sad about breaking up.

Smell: When you pop open the jar you’re not immediately hit with anything. Instead, Peacemaker lures you in with a slightly sweet secondary scent that beckons you to shove your schnozz in a little more.
Taste: It offers a nice and smooth inhale with slightly sweet airy taste. An exhale brings out a skunky flavor.

Thu., June 13, 2019
Cedar Creek Cannabis Peacemaker (Courtesy photo)
The sun is finally shining again, so it’s time for us to dry out after a wet winter. So now I need a strain that’s going to help with long hikes, and help me forget that I slept on the ground in a tent the night before during my recent “vacation.”
Experience: Peacemaker is a perfect post-gym smoke and can be your new favorite walk-about strain. My first deep inhale went down incredibly smooth and upon exhale I could feel the tension in my shoulders and neck start to dissipate. The feeling is euphoric; you feel slightly spacey after your first initial inhales, but will end up feeling full of energy and ready to experience new things.
Overall: Peacemaker will be getting a solid rotation in my lineup due to its excellent body relief high. It leaves your head in the clouds waiting to embrace the outdoors, or at least feel like you could. My only real complaint is that the bud felt slightly drier than I prefer. I used my grinder, but I could’ve saved time and ripped it apart almost as quickly.

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Smooth and slightly sweet, Peacemaker is a go-to for your summer activities.