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panama red seed

Panama red seed

Grounding and heart-warming, Panama Red permeates a deep incense-like aroma with an earthy note at its base. It comes close to the mix of spicy and herbal tones of ginger tea, but hints of honey drop round out the aroma with a subtle sweetness that make it pleasant overall.

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Nowadays, the cannabis industry is filled with highly potent strains stacked against one after another. Many of these are also Indica varieties. Those looking to simply float in a relaxed and refreshed state of mind may not have many options, that’s why Panama Red has risen from the grave and may be setting up its comeback.

Moreover, it probes at the creative side of smokers, prompting a free association of ideas to flow in an endless stream. It also improves perception, allowing those to bask in their surroundings with amplified sights and sounds.
Such mental sharpness makes for an ideal smoke for those wanting to achieve an active day. However, it does have some psychedelic tendencies that make this better used for personal endeavors – whether it’s completing an unfinished project or spending a day out with friends.
Panama Red is a positive influence in that it possesses excellent medicinal values. For one, this old timey strain can handle its own weight against stress. Throwing anxieties and the hassles of mundane life to the wind, even those with depression or anxiety can be liberated from the confines of mental woes. Furthermore, the focused high also helps sufferers of ADHD retain concentration on single tasks, to allow for a productive time.
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The boost in energy is also known to help relieve symptoms of fatigue, and the high slips into mellow body effects that eminently relieve minor aches such as headaches or migraines. Indeed, this strain equips its users with all the right tools to fully enjoy the day.

On that note, it takes 11 to 12 weeks of flowering time for it to yield about 450 to 550 grams per square meter.

A friendly bud that both veterans and novice users can enjoy, Panama Red is an old-time classic that delivers enough high to equip users for the day.

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Panama Red does not enjoy the same appeal as other popular landrace strains as it takes a long time to flower ranging from 11-12 weeks. At the same time, novice growers will encounter some difficulty in effectively tending to the plant as it thrives only in tropical and sub-tropical climates.
As its name clearly indicates, the Panama Red is an authentic landrace strain that was first developed in Panama, and has almost become extinct. You’d have to be immensely lucky to find 100% pure Panama Red seeds. Some breeders and seed banks sell hybrids that are crossed with ‘skunk’ or ‘white widow’.

Free shipping
Delivery Time: 10-12 days
Free shipping
Delivery Time: 10-12 days
New and first-time growers would find cultivating the strain more suitable indoors where they’d be able to regulate the growing conditions. Also, as the flowering time exceeds 10 weeks, Panama Red will appeal more to commercial cultivators rather than private growers. You’ve to wait patiently for 77-84 days before flowers begin to appear and when these fully mature, you may reap 12-16 ounces from each sq. meter.
Moderate THC content with low CBD potency makes this strain ideal to be used by veterans as well as inexperienced stoners.
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Outdoors, the crop is ready to be harvested towards the end of October when you’ll have 16 ounces of buds to collect from every plant.

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