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pakistan marijuana

Pakistan marijuana
If found selling 100 grams or less of cannabis, you could be sentenced to up to two years in prison. You may also be given a fine. If the amount of cannabis is between 100 grams and a kilogram, the prison sentence increases to seven years (with a fine too). If you’re caught selling over a kilogram, then you run the risk of being imprisoned for life or given the death penalty. Additionally, you may be fined up to one million rupees.
The cannabis grown in this area is distinctive in appearance. It can be purple-grey in colour and sometimes grows to an exceptionally tall height.
Both side in karachi . Let me talk on prsnl side . I will tell you
The Control of Narcotic Substances Act states that “no one shall cultivate any cannabis plant”. Flouting this law means the offender may be sentenced to “imprisonment which may extend to seven years, or with a fine, or with both.”
Nice Info Seshata! can I take it as weed plants? there are so many wild plants in my surrounding, how can I make them usable?
Islamabad Shakkar parrian there is lot of wild C.sativa You have to know what it looks like. This plant is not for getting high actually , It is a wonderful alkalie , helps build immune system , and has been used for cancer treatment in canada. for that you have to youtube Rick Simpson Run from cancer cure. he teaches how to make oil.
But that oil is made out of C.Indica known as M.Vana Or Hash in our country slang.
I was dibetic and it helped me a lots reduce s.levels.
1/4 pound of leaves Local roadside weed . boil in water till water turns dark like coffee. mix olive oil int is , till it turns green. then remove Olive oil.
Just tkae one spoon of that olove oil and pour it on any part of skin and massage.
1. it is a burn oil
2. it is a pain killer helps ammune and builds insuline.
This plant is not to be used to get high It is an ultimate medicine was paitented by United states 1955 to let chemo pharmaceuticals grow.
even now the Homeopethic stores have the mother tuncture of C> Sativa And C.Indica . very good for pains , just apply on the knee for a day or two and the pain is gone for long
One large-scale commercial method then places the garda in a metal pan with a small amount of water. This is gently heated, and a large stone is used to knead and bond the pollen. Some adulterants, such as ghee or henna, may be added at this stage to increase the weight and the scent.
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Everything is perfectly written, but that “Cannabis Growing Wild” isn’t what guys are looking for. The cannabis growing wild which they’re referring to in this article is actually known as ‘Hemp’ which won’t get you high even if you smoke bundles of it and is legal and used in industrial purposes. Buds don’t grow on it, it contains above 17% cannabidiol(CBD) which is a substance totally opposite to tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). THC is the actual substance you’re looking for, and is responsible helping you achieve that euphoric state(in getting you high) and Hemp contains only 0.3% THC, therefore, it is useless if you go for smoking it. Plants with high THC, called Marijuana belong to the same genus as Hemp known as ‘Cannabis Sativa’. But Marijuana contains above 0.3% THC and you can find upto 20% THC in Marijuana plants other than it’s hybrids which can contain upto 50% THC. People literally need to know the difference between Hemp and Marijuana and need to stop considering them the same thing. PS, Marijuana needs to be properly cultivated, and is ever going to grow “WILD”. Just FYI. The article is pretty much informative though. 🙂 Thanks.
Pakistan is one of the world’s most prolific producers of cannabis. In spite of this, it is illegal to sell or possess. Here’s further information.