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original amnesia

Original amnesia

“Made in Holland”, this Sativa-dominant hybrid was created through a backcrossing of Original Amnesia, which was the result of crossing several classic strains from the 90’s with Haze and Northern Lights.

Original Amnesia is a well-balanced strain with a taste that will create unforgettable memories for all those who try it. Dinafem’s Original Amnesia offers a very pleasant and sweet candy aroma on a citrusy background.
Sativa-dominant hybrid with an uplifting high and a sweet and lemony flavour

Original Amnesia offers excellent results with any cultivation technique.
One of the most famous strains available in today’s cannabis market. The Original Amnesia’s feminized seeds develop all the traits of the most legendary genetics.
Original Amnesia is one of the most popular strains in Dutch coffeeshops thanks to its effect and flavour
With a THC level of 16-22%, Original Amnesia induces a very unique effect that is extremely powerful and long-lasting, which is why we recommend using it with caution.
Original Amnesia is an easy to control plant with an Indica structure and a fast indoor flowering time of around 60-70 days. With outdoor yields of up to 1500gr per plant, Original Amnesia produces long and particularly thick buds that get covered by a very sticky resin layer.

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