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oregon lemons strain

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Every body is different, and every body reacts different to various medications.

Oregon Lemons smells really nice. Think Sour Diesel with more citrus and less gas; I would use words like “bright”, “zesty”, “clean”, and “fresh” to describe the smell. Lemon isn’t necessarily the first scent I identified when I opened the jar; there’s more of a general “bright” citrus smell. After really digging in and taking some time with it, I could definitely detect a smell akin to a lemon dessert of some sort. It really did strike me as interesting as to how similar to Sour Diesel this batch smells – I like Sour Diesel, and I like Oregon Lemons for offering a similar smell and taste that lies on the “cleaner” side of the spectrum rather than “pungent”. The taste brings out some of the heavier kush-like undertones of this strain; overall, it made for an enjoyable experience when medicating with it. Definitely above average in this category; I think most patients will enjoy it for its smell and taste as well.
This batch was generally well-prepared, though it did seem to be ever-so-slightly on the dry side of the moisture spectrum. As far as appearance, Oregon Lemons is about as “middle of the road” as you can imagine in terms of aesthetic properties such as color, etc. The buds are a medium green that is actually fairly uniform throughout the particular batch I have. There are a few spots of lighter green, almost yellow; other than that, there isn’t much color variation in this strain. There are very tiny burnt orange/amber pistils that can be seen upon close inspection of the bud, and there is a fair amount of keif as well. This flower isn’t particularly dense, but it isn’t leafy or “disorganized” looking as some strains or purely-cured buds can be. Trulieve did a pretty good job curing this batch, but it isn’t necessarily aesthetically spectacular like some of their other strains I’ve reviewed. To their benefit, I care much more about the effects.

Rating: 3.70/5.00
18.7% Total Cannabinoids
Overall, I would best describe this strain as “slightly above average”.

Oregon Lemons had enjoyable effects. Middle-of-the-road strain from beginning to end.

Ever since becoming a Florida medical cannabis patient, I've noticed that Trulieve would keep a couple of "lemon" strains in rotation, the other strain being Lemon Tree. Having fond memories of a Lemon Kush strain from my younger days, I've been eager to try another strain named after the yellow fruit. This past week, Trulieve…