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order peyote online

Order peyote online

You can also check out our predictions for GTA 6 in the video below:

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If you’re looking for the GTA Online Peyote Plant locations, here’s where to go to unleash your inner beast

Follow the vibrations getting stronger until you discover the GTA Online peyote plant, which looks like a small green puck with some white flowers on top. When you’re close enough, press right on the d-pad to begin your transformation into animal form. Each creature has its own controls, so pay attention to the tip that appears in the top left corner so you know how to use your capabilities. The hallucination will continue until your animal is killed, or you press right on the d-pad to quit. Now get out there, chomp down those peyote plants, and start causing some mayhem!
Interestingly, not only can you use that animal’s abilities to run amok and hound the innocent NPCs you encounter, but all the other players in your session can also see you in your animal form and interact accordingly. When we turned into a deer, our reign of terror was only ended when we were knocked down by a fellow player’s car before they finished us off with a drive-by. Read on, and we’ll show you where to find all of the GTA Online peyote plant locations.
By Iain Wilson 22 April 2020
There are a total of 76 GTA Online peyote plant locations, spread across San Andreas and the surrounding ocean, which we’ve marked on the above map – you can click on it to view a larger version. Approach any of the areas shown on the map, and you’ll feel your pad start to vibrate while you hear the sound of the animal that the peyote plant will turn you in to.
After a mysterious and unexplained absence recently, the GTA Online peyote plants are back again so you can ramp up the chaos in the online world of Los Santos and Blaine County. If you’ve visited any of the GTA 5 peyote plant locations in the single player game then you’ll know what they’re capable of, but if this is all new to you then let us fill you in. There are many tiny hallucinogenic cacti dotted around the island in GTA Online, and if track them down and eat them you’ll be transformed into an animal.

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If you’re looking for the GTA Online Peyote Plant locations, here’s where to go to unleash your inner beast.