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oklahoma wholesale license

Oklahoma wholesale license

  • Personal history questionaire (in dealer application)
  • Copy of Oklahoma driver’s license
  • Certification of Incorporation or LLC OR a Certificate of Good Standing from the the Secretary of State. You can get a Certificate of Good Standing by calling the OK Secretary of State at (405) 521-3911
  • Photos of outside of sales office
  • Photo of business sign
  • Proof of a business telephone
  • Sample copies of approved condition of sales documents

Oklahoma Dealer License Applications are presented to the Commission Board for consideration the second Tuesday of each month. The below requirements must be submitted at least 11 days prior to the meeting.
Fee must be in form of a check, money order, or cashier’s check. The fee is non-refundable UNLESS your Oklahoma Wholesale Auto Dealer License Application is denied, in which case your fee will be refunded.

Understand that wholesale motor vehicle dealers cannot sell or transfer titles to anyone other than another licensed dealer. Only one person can act as the dealer under the license, regardless of the ownership.
Wholesale motor vehicle dealers in Oklahoma cannot employe salespersons.
A wholesale car dealer is a dealer that cannot sell vehicles to the general public, but can only sell to other car dealers or a wholesale car auction. If you wish to be an Oklahoma Wholesale Auto Dealer, you will need to get an Oklahoma Wholesale Car Dealer License.
Once you submit your Oklahoma Wholesale Dealer License Application, a Commission investigator will contact you about getting your business location inspected.
Classes are held from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM on the Monday prior to the monthly meeting of the Used Motor Vehicle Parts Commission.

Note that you are required to attend a education program. Attendance is mandatory for at least one owner.

How to open your own car dealership in Oklahoma and get your Oklahoma Wholesale Dealer License.

COVID-19 update: All business must be conducted by phone, website or email. To schedule a drop off or pick up of commercial plans, please call 405-297-2525 option 2. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

License requirements are created to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and the integrity of our neighborhoods. Many licenses require statements of compliance by other departments or agencies. Licenses and permits issued are non-transferable except when specifically authorized by ordinance or State law. You should contact the City’s Licensing Office regarding whether you must obtain a City license or permit, at (405) 297-2606.
The City of Oklahoma City issues various types of business licenses. For information about City ordinances related to specific business licenses you can view the Oklahoma City Municipal Code online.

Building Permits
All other permits
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Business Licensing

Occupational license requirements demonstrate the license holder’s qualifications for a related trade, which in turn promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

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