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oklahoma medical board

Posted on 06/14/2019

Posted on 11/01/2019
A program to assist allied professionals whose competency may be compromised because of the abuse of drugs or alcohol

Posted on 03/24/2015
Posted on 06/14/2019
We will respond in a timely manner to anyone needing services and/or information from the agency in person or by telephone, fax, e-mail, postal mail or the Internet. We value our ability to serve the public by providing useful and easily accessible information.
Chronic Pain Prescriptions: If continuing treatment for three months or more, practitioner shall: (1) review every three (3) months the course of treatment, any new information regarding etiology of pain and progress toward treatment objectives; (2) assess patient prior to every renewal to determine if patient is experiencing dependency and document assessment; (3) periodically make reasonable efforts, unless clinically contraindicated to stop, decrease dosage, or try other treatment modalities; (4) review PMP; (5) monitor compliance with patient provider agreement, and state “chronic pain” on the face of the prescription.
We take pride in our agency’s ability to ensure that qualified healthcare professionals are available to the citizens of this state. We will perform our responsibilities with integrity and professionalism. We recognize the importance of personal and professional development for each employee and we will seek ways to expand their knowledge and capabilities.

We are committed to protecting the public from the aberrant practices of any licensed professional. We will be sensitive to the complaints from anyone concerning a professional licensed by the agency. Complaints in any form and from any source will be reviewed, acknowledged and adjudicated to some conclusion within a conservative time period.

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