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og kush terpene profile

Terpenes from 100% organic (botanic) origin.

The cannabis terpenes profile of OG Kush from Cali Terpenes is a perfect mixture of terpenes , with exactly the same profile of an extraction of terpenes of the amazing American cannabis strain OG Kush (Lemon Thai x Pakistan x Chemdawg ). \n
\u2022 Liquid vaporizable bases (e-liquid) \n

Main terpenes: \n
Liquid vaporizable bases (e-liquid)
If you need more information about how to use terpenes from Cali Terpenes, visit our blog. “,”description_short”:”
Main terpenes:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalol, Pinene, Mentol, Nerolidol. \n

Extractions and cannabis concentrates (rosin, dry, bho, distillate. )

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Certain strains have unique blends of these beneficial terpenes that create all manner of effects and physical reactions in our bodies, one of the most popular being the Terpenes found with OG Kush.

The primary effects of this strain are to act as a pain reducer – this terpene works exceptionally well as a pain suppressant, responding almost immediately to stifle the sensation of pain and make injuries or long term conditions more bearable and pain-free.
Terpenes found within the cannabis plant can also work on our bodies, just as if we were imbibing them as an extract.

This terpene has an incredibly familiar, sweet flavor and aroma – it has all the ingredients of a very traditional pie with its high levels of clove-like smells, along with copious black pepper aromas and just a touch of that slight flavor of softwood. This terpene is responsible for that slightly harsh, slightly spicy flavor that you get in so many oriental spices, as well as most wooden furniture.
But just what are these terpenes that you can buy online? Are they the same things as buying regular marijuana? For that matter, why is it important that they are OG Kush Terpenes?
The main effect induced by the terpineol terpene is one of intense relaxation, as well as that almost inescapable desire to sit down, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep.
Terpenes are the organic compounds that all plants produce; they aren’t just limited to weed, but they are found in pretty much all terrestrial plants. To best understand them, think of them as the source of everything that creates aroma – they are essential compounds that have evolved to be as volatile and aromatic as possible, which is why they are commonly seen as the reason for particular plant smells.
Additionally, terpenes produce resin in certain plants, which is an i ntegral part of their structure and key for maintaining their shape and their place within the environment. This resin is what helps hold them up, as well as acting as an integral part of their whole ecology.

Without this terpene, most indicas would be pretty dull and lack a great deal of both flavor and their pleasant effects.

If you have ever felt confused about the inclusion of terpenes in your CBD oil, you can dispell any concerns here, as we discuss the famous terpene OG Kush.